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Daan Utsav 2014 Announcement

6th Edition of Daan Utsav- 2014, Hyderabad Events Announced

Daan Utsav, A new identity, lndia's Largest Festival of Giving, Commences on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi from October 2nd to 8th

Hyderabad,September 25th2014: The various events happening during Daan Utsav- a pan - India "Festival of Giving", from October 2nd to 8th, were announced today. Daan Utsav endeavors to inspire Indians across every state, city, region, class, religion and age to give back to society. It not only aims at encouraging people to give but also celebrates the notion of giving and the joy derived from it.

Launched in 2009 as a "Festival of Giving" across India, the Joy of Giving Week has brought together people from all walks of life. The DaanUtsavWeek is wholly driven by a large group of volunteers from all over the country.

Speaking at the event, Manjulatha Kalanidhi, who started the Rice Bucket Challenges aid: "Looks like now is the time for some good news! First India's successful Mission to Mars and now the news of spreading the joy of giving by Daan Utsav across the country. Daan Utsav is an amazing and sustainable concept and the volunteers deciding to include 'Rice Bucket Challenge' as part of their initiative is pretty much in line with their as well as Rice Bucket Challenge's concept of 'joy of giving'. I am elated to be part of this dynamic week-long fest of Daan Utsav and promise to extend my help and support not just now, but later as well."

"We're extremely happy to see the large participation in the celebration of the Daan Utsav. I We're sure that in the coming few years this will be the largest Festival of Giving",said Jayashree Venkataraman, volunteer, Daan Utsav.She also elaborated on how corporates, 5 star hotels, colleges, schools, apartment complexes, local businesses, government institutions, villages and individuals have extended their support towards Daan Utsav.

"It is very exciting to see the rapid acceptance and growth of this Festival of Giving. With the change in name to Daan Utsav, it is expected to reach all sections of the society, both urban and Rural. "Ivvandi, Anandam Pondandi", sajd Shekar another volunteer.

and requested everyone to plan their participation and Register at www.daanutsav.orgat the earliest.

Speaking on the occasion Mr Sharad Datta, General Manager, Hyderabad Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre & Courtyard by Marriott Hyderabad said "We are delighted to partner with Daan Utsav for the fourth consecutive year. One of the strongest pillars of the Marriott is the philosophy of 'Spirit to Serve' to help uplift the society or the community that we work in and this is deeply entrenched in our efforts at the Hyderabad Marriott Hotel &Convention Centre and Courtyard by Marriott Hyderabad. Throughout the year we engage in helping the society through our initiatives that over the years have become very dear to us. One such initiative is our support for Daan Utsav, this year as we observe the week of giving, we will do our bit to help the society"
Details of the events are attached and available at Daan Utsav Website.

Various CXO's from big corporates, and celebrities like Kumaramangalam Birla, Adi Godrej, Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan , citizensand school children are already a part of this festival. They have contributed through various acts of giving. Over 3 rmllion+ Indians participated in the Week last year and this year the hope is to exceed that number.

Marriott Hotel has been our hospitality partner for the Press Meet.

DaanUtsavis a 'festival of giving' launched in 2009.The festival is celebrated every year, in the week including Gandhi Jayanthi, i.e., October 2-8, and brings together Indians from al! walks of life, to celebrate "giving".

From auto drivers to CEOs, school children to celebrities, homemakers to opinion leaders, millions of people give their time, money, resources or skills back to society- by creating or participating in "events" of their choice. A giving event could be as simple as a family taking out the maid's children for an ice-cream party, or as large as Gift Compassion that had 10,000+ school children across Hyderabad making and exchanging gifts with their peers from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Events are organised by individuals, social groups, schools, colleges, NGOs, corporate, media houses and others. 3 million+ people participated in 900+ events across 70+ cities in JGW2013, raising over Rs30crores in money and resources donated, and millions of volunteer hours.

No one owns the Joy of Giving Week. It is designed as a festival of giving, and like Diwali or Christmas or Ramzan, the plan is for it to eventually have no owners! However, in the initial formative years, to give it a sense of shape, a group of core volunteers manages the JGVV campaign, defines guidelines for participation and evangelises the effort.

Snapshot of DaanUtsav- Celebrate The Joy of Giving Week 2013 DaanUtsav is the largest philanthropic event in India by far where:
• 3 million+ people took part
• 80+ cities & towns participated, DaanUtsav reaches rural India too
• 900+ events- volunteering, donation, awareness, fundraising, collection
• 1700+ schools, 450+ colleges participate
• Over 500+ companies participate
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