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October 17, 2009
Murali Cine Arts
Raja, Namitha, Meera Chopra, Jyothi Lakshmi, Yuvarani, Kota Srinivasarao, Narasimha Raju, Aali, Riyaz Khan.
P. Krishna Murthy
Suresh Arse
Super Subbarayan
B. Vitalacharya
NK Viswanathan.
H. Murali
NK Viswanathan

The word ‘Jaganmohini’ must be ringing bells of horror in the minds of an older generation.  It was infact a success of Vittala Acharya who without any help of latest technologies brought in all kinds of fear and horror in the minds of audience with his unmatchable abilities and qualities.  Now, N K Vishwanathan has tuned his eyes on this 1978 classic film that had Jayamalini in title role, and brought it out as yet another ‘Jaganmohini’ with enough influence of the latest technologies.

Lakshmi Movie Makers production is bringing this passionate tale of love and revenge in a contemporary format with the same title ‘Jaganmohini’ casting Namitha in title role.  While Narasimha Raju and Prabha were the lead pair in the original version, this latest version has Raja and Meera Chopra.

Since the lead character’s role is very important in ‘Jaganmohini’, Namitha’s physical appearance will no doubt be accepted as a Mohini and Jayamalini’s past action would have given her enough tips to perform the role in a much better way.  Namitha, who has different taste towards the body covering dresses will certainly add glamour to the Mohini’s role, thus not disappointing her starving fans.

No wonder this socio-fantasy film has attracted Vishwanathan since he was a cameraman before turning into a director.  With direction and camera under same leadership there appears to be enough freedom on the sets.  The latest technologies and cameraman abilities in a director can offer a feast to the audience.  Underwater shooting in Andaman will be the highlight of the efforts of cameraman side of Vishwanathan. 

For such films the background music plays a very important role in generating the desired effects in the minds of people.  Ilayaraja, who has reached different peaks is said to be very choosy now a days in taking up assignments.  What else can be a fitting tribute to the maestro than working for such films like ‘Jaganmohini’ which overflowed the coffers in 1978.  Ilayaraja too would have now applied all the available latest technologies in music to create a different impression on music.

This much awaited film releasing on 17th as a Diwali gift has generated enough curiosity among the movie goers.   But will it reach the expectations of generation today?  Can the film break the records of its original version?   Let’s us wait and watch.