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Mystery of Katha to unveil on December 11

December 11, 2009
Just Yellow
Arun, Geneelia, Prakashraj, Raghubabu, Shafi.
Art: Ravinder
Camera: Andrew
Dialogues: Gangaraju Gunnam
Story, Screenplay: Srinivas Raaga.
SK Balachandran
Gangaraju Gunnam
Srinivas Raaga

‘Katha’ is a “story telling” story revolving around a school teacher (Chitra), who specializes in reading stories to young children.  As she spends everyday reading stories to the children there are events with thrill and suspense added by the teacher to create interest.  This takes a different turn and the story leads the audience to a thrilling experience.
The hero, Arun Aadith is a debutant who plays a role of a writer in the movie.  As he conceives the story he develops interest to direct the movie himself.  Thus he ventures on identifying a proper heroine and as he wanders around he comes across Genelia at a school in Araku valley and gets highly impressed.
Genelia and Arun Aadith provide the necessary romance to the movie.   This romantic thriller is directed by another debutant Srinivas Raaga, who was working as assistant director for ‘Aithe’.  Recently in an interview he claimed that he got inspired by the theme of ‘Katha’ and decided to direct this film.  He is also supported by yet another debuting musician SK Balachandran.  Since the entire music being situational bound, the audience would be in a position to connect with the story only by watching it on the big screen.

The producer Gunnam Gangaraju has a distinction of being a dialogue writer.  As usual, in this movie also he is a dialogue writer apart from producing a film.  With past experience of enjoying the chubby dialogues in ‘Little Soldiers’, one can expect a good impact of his work in the entire film ‘Katha’.  The breath taking scenes provided by Araku can give a native feel while adding colour to the film. Further this being romantic thriller, shootings in picturesque locations aided by capable camera from Andrew is expected add value.
The art director R Ravinder who already has association with ‘Just Yellow’ through ‘Aithe’, ‘Anukokunda Okaroju’ and ‘Amma Cheppindhi’, has shown his skills in ‘Katha’ too.

Last but not the least the inclusion of National award winner Prakash Raj in the crew can further add flavor to curry.  While Mohan Babu’s production house ‘Saleem’ releasing on same day, i.e., December 11th and Jagapathi Babu’s ‘Pravarakhyudu’ already in theaters and ‘Adurs’ and ‘Leader’ from big guns awaiting releases, this film ‘Katha’ with full of debutants is also hitting theaters.  It’s now for the audience to wait and watch the impact of “Genelia” and also the good banner “Just Yellow”.


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