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Devudu Chesina Manushulu Movie Review

August 15, 2012
Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra
Ravi Teja, Ileana, Prakash Raj, Dr Brahmanandam, Aali, M S Narayana, Kovai Sarala, Subbaraju, Fish Venkat, Jyothirana, etc.
Shyam K Naidu
Bhaskara Bhatla
S R Sekhar
Pradeep Anthony, Dinesh
Sai Maganti
Vijay Ram Prasad
Reliance Entertainment
Bogavalli Bapineedu, Reliance Entertainment
Puri Jagannadh.
Raghu Kunche
BVSN Prasad
Puri Jagannath

In a Sentiment-dominated industry like Tollywood, “Combination Sentiment” is powerful than any other sentiment in making a movie with all hype. Ever since, a movie announced by director Puri Jagannath with Ravi Teja as the protagonist, the movie- Devudu Chesina Manushulu created ripples, thanks to the Combination Sentiment!

Its already a proved fact with “Itlu Sravani Subramanyam”, “Idiot”, “Amma Naanna O Tamila Ammaayi” and “Neninthe” that, Puri Jagan- Ravi Teja combination works wonders on silver screen. On the other hand, Puri- Ileana combination made a blockbuster with “Pokiri” and Ravi Teja- Ileana starrer “Kick”  to became a super hit.

In addition to these, the title of the movie itself created a buzz, as the title is taken from 1970s super hit multi-starrer of NTR-Krishna. This title was successfully attracted the attention of the old generation audience also.

All these attractions added with the masala promos and posters, no doubt, have built a prospective scope and speculation on Devudu Chesina Manushulu among the viewers. Thus, the latest offering of Puri- Ravi Teja- Ileana had become one of the awaited movie of the season.

The Story:

Ravi Teja is an orphan, who lives in Hyderabad on making certain settlements as his livelihood. The Circle Inspector of Police, Subba Raju kills Sandy, a closest henchman of international mafia don, Prakash Raj, in an ‘accidental’encounter. The Bangkok-based Don knows it and gives ultimatum for the death of Subba Raju. Knowing this, Subba Raju seeks the help of Ravi Teja to settle the issue with Prakash Raj. Ravi Teja flies to Bangkok on that mission. There he met with Ileana, a taxi-driver and falls in love with her. Then, what happens to Ravi Teja in the mission is the rest of the story, totally said to be directed by Lord Vishnu and Laxmidevi.

The Technicalities:

At first, the story of the movie is a novel experiment on Telugu Silver Screen in its two-way narrative structure. The movie plot was woven with two modes, with the same characters and locations, except in the variation in the incidents that took place in the story line. As such, it is one story with two interpretations. The Director has tried to justify this Two-way narration of first-half and second-half, by involving the fantasy factor of Lord Vishnu - Laxmi devi. Director Puri is appreciable to this extent, in selecting such a story.

Puri Jagannath is synonymous for powerful punch dialogues which elevates heroism to its zenith, ala, Pokiri and Businessman. But, the pen of Puri did not make any sparkles through dialogues in DCM.

SR Shekhar’s Editing would have been more crispy by which certain confusion in the second half may have been curtailed. Shyam K Naidu’s cinematography, especially in capturing the scenic beauty of Bangkok and other locations is appealing. “Subba lachimi” And  “Nuvvante chaala Ishtam” are the catchy tunes composed by Raghu Kunche and the production design by Chinna is mention-wothy, as the movie is completed in a comparatively short span of 3 months.

The Performances:

RaviTeja as the Tapori protagonist and Ileans as glamour doll are as usual done a good job, with all their own histrionics. Prakash Raj as the ‘memory loss’ Don is impressive. His role reminds the “Aparichitudu” in some scenes and his performance as the sister-sentimental Don in second half of the movie is good but creates a feeling of misfit in the scene.

Ali’s comedy track as the ‘most unfortunate guy’ tried hard to create rib-tickling comic relief. Brahmanandam as Lord Vishnu and Kovai Sarala as Laxmidevi are funny.

Sum Up:

The story, as an idea, is very experimental and different in nature. But, the story became a mess with the confusing and unconvincing scenes all the way, while translating onto the screen.

Puri Jagannath as the writer-director might had selected this complex plot with an intention to open a new vista in story-telling pattern in Tollywood. But he was failed in making justice to the idea.

The introduction scene of Lord Vishnu - Laxmi Devi in Vaikuntam and the related scenes later on, are mere copy of Bapu’s Mister Pellam movie.

On the other, the story line of the movie, reminds the Tamil movie, ’12-B’ and the Hollywood movies such as, ‘Groundhog Day’. But the entire story might have been inspired from “Sliding Mirrors”. But adapting the story to Telugu, the creative team of writers of Puri Jagannath have failed blatantly.

The movie lacks in creating heart-touching emotional scenes, though there is a scope for them. The action part of Chase and Run may satisfy the mass audience. But the remaining comedy and entertainment neither appeals to the mass nor to the class viewers.

The movie would have become a trend-setter, if more interest, pre-production work and time taken by Puri in designing Story - Plot - Scenes. Alas, a ‘differently different’ trial is, thus, become an utterly futile exercise.

by Mamidi Harikrishna (harikrishnam at