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Palasa 1978 Movie Review

March 6, 2020
Sudhas Media & Suresh Productions
Rakshith, Nakshatra, Raghu Kunche, Vijay Ram, Tiruveer, Janardhan, Laxman Meesala, Prawin Yendamuri, Mirchi Madhavi, Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Thanmai Bolt, Shanmuk
Thammareddy Bhardwaj
Karun Kumar
Vincent Arul
Kotagiri Venkateswarao
Bhaskarabhatla, Suddala Ashok Teja & Lakshmi Bupala
Lakshmi Bhupal
GSK Media
Media 9 Manoj
Raghu Kunche
Dhyan Atluri
Karun Kumar

'Palasa 1978' is one small film, which has caught the attention of many. Backed by Suresh Productions, this movie has hit the screens today. Read our review.


In the 70s, two landlord brothers Guru Murthy (Raghu Kunche) and Peddha Shavukaru (Janardhan) are always at loggerheads with each other and people belonging to lower castes get affected and tortured due to their attempts at one-upmanship. Mohan Rao (Rakshith) and his elder brother Rangarao (Thiruveer) are among those people, who are subjected to oppression. They are artists and at one point they revolt against those cruel landlords putting their lives and everything at stake. What follows is a series of gruesome incidents. 


Rakshith's performance is intense and very impressive. This promising performance can fetch him many good roles in the future. Tiruveer of 'George Reddy' fame, who played Rakshith's brother, has given an excellent performance. Talented music director Raghu Kunche makes an impact as a villain. He looks menacing in many scenes and gets to show variations in a role that spans over decades. All the other actors are good. The casting is very good.

Technical aspects

Raghu Kunche has also scored brownie points as a music director as his background score is riveting. His songs are good too. The artwork and cinematography are good.

Plus Points

Screenplay & dialogues
Realistic scenes
Intense performances
Background score

Minus Points

Too much violence


'Palasa 1978' is based on some real incidents and the scenes are very realistic. The intense performances, engaging narration and riveting background score make the film a good watch. On the flip side, the film is a little bit predictable. The ample amount of blood and gore may not appeal to some sections of the audiences.

On the whole, 'Palasa 1978' is a raw and realistic revenge drama. Watch it.

Rating: 3/5