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O Pitta Katha Movie Review

March 6, 2020
Bhavya Creations
Viswanth Duddampudi, Sanjay Rao, Nithya Shetty, Brahmaji, Balaraju, Srinivas Bogireddy, Badraji, Ramana Chalkapalli, Sirisree, Surya Akondi
Chendu Muddu
Suneel Kumar N
D Venkat Prabhu
Vivek Anamalai
Anne Ravi
Praveen Lakkaraju
V Anand Prasad
Chendu Muddu

Brahmaji's son, Sanjay Rao, makes his debut with the movie, 'O Pitta Katha'. Since many star heroes have supported the film, it has created good buzz before the release. Read this user review to find out how the film is. 


Venkata Lakshmi (Nithya Shetty) goes missing in Araku, when she is there on an excursion. A cop (Brahmaji) takes up this kidnap case and he suspects her bava Krish(Viswanth), who is in love with her and childhood sweetheart Prabhu (Sanjay). But he soon finds out that both are not involved. Who kidnapped Venkata Lakshmi and why?


Sanjay Rao makes a decent debut but he will have to put some extra effort on his skills. Nithya Shetty has a given a good performance. Viswant Duddumpudi performs well. Brahmaji gets to play a short but important role. 

Technical aspects

The songs are decent and the background score is impressive. The camerawork is good. The screenplay is gripping with some good twists. The dialogues are written well.

Plus Points

Last few minutes

Minus Points

Dull proceedings
Love track


'O Pitta Katha' has some very good twists, which thrill the audiences. Especially the interval twist and the one that comes towards the end of the movie will impress the audiences. But the scenes in between should have been better. Brahmaji's son Sanjay makes a decent debut but he will have to improve. The comedy and dialogues are good.

On the whole, 'O Pitta Katha' is a decent suspense thriller with its share of flaws.

Rating: 2.75/5