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Tuck Jagadish Movie Review

September 10, 2021
Shine Screens
Nani, Ritu Varma, Aishwarya Rajesh, Jagapathi Babu, Murali Sarma, Nassar, Rao Ramesh, Naresh, Daniel Balaji, Tiruveer, CVL Narashimha Rao, Maala Pravathi, Rohini, Devadharshini, Bindhu Chandhramouli, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, Baby Sidhiksha, Master Aakash, Master Rithvik, Raghu Babu, Ramaraju, Kalyani Raj, Naren, Jayaprakash Narayana, Ahuthi Karthik, Srikanth Iyyenger, Pammi Sai, Praveen, Kishore Polimera, Ramesh Reddy, Subhash, Gautham Raju, Temper Vamsi, Jogi Naidu, Raju ( Kancherlapalem )
Shiva Nirvana
Lakshman Musuluri, Naresh Babu P & Kanishk Gopisetty
Prasad Murella
Prawin Pudi
Sahi Suresh
Neeraja Kona
U Ranjith
Pasupuleti Venkat
Siri vennela Seetharama Sastry, Chaitanya Prasad, Kalyan Chakravarthy & Siva Nirvana
Armaan Malik, Harini Ivaturi, Srikrishna & Thaman SS
Dinesh, Viswa Raghu & Siva Nirvana
Gopi Sundar
Srinu Kandukuri
J R Ethiraj
Devikrishna Kadiyala
Prasad Labs
Prem Raj S
Work Flow ( Pradeep Pudi )
Srisailam Ravula
Matrix ( Narendra Kumar Logisa )
Siva Kiran (Working Title)
Vijay Vardhan K
Uma Shankar Akula & Sheik Shavali
Bandi Seshaiah
S.Venkatarathnam (Venkat)
Bhushan Surapaneni, Ramesh Saragadam, Gurunath Ankam & Naveen Jai
Lakshmi Naidu Pothula & Naresh Babu P
Phanindra Kumar Kanakala & Ramesh Siddarath
Laxman Musuluri
S Thaman
Sahu Garapati & Harish Peddi
Shiva Nirvana

'Tuck Jagadish' is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. What are its hits and misses? Let's find out in this review.


In the village of Bhudevipuram, Jagadish Naidu (Nani) has to bring back normalcy in the collective life of a family comprising a range of people. Aadisesh Naidu (Nasser), the patriarch, has passed away. His elder son Bosu Babu (Jagapathi Babu) has an agenda of his own. Veerendra (Daniel Balaji), meanwhile, traps Jagadish's family in a toxic relationship. Jagadish has to save the entire family, comprising stepsisters and an old mother. His niece Chandra (Aishwarya Rajesh) is also facing a mortal danger. Meanwhile, he is also in love with Gummadi Varalakshmi (Ritu Varma), who is the village's Revenue Officer.


Nani's performance in the role of a serial killer in 'V' received not-so-universal applause. In 'Tuck Jagadish', though, he plays a tailor-made character that is replete with sentiment, romance, and mild humour as well. If Ritu Varma is different compared to her acting in softcore movies like 'Ninnila Ninnila', Aishwarya Rajesh makes a mixed impact (she was awesome in 'World Famous Lover', but that can't be said about her acting here).

Jagapathi Babu plays a highly consequential role with confidence. But his characterization is too routine. His dialogue delivery could have been distinct. Daniel Balaji, Rao Ramesh, VK Naresh, Rohini, Thiruveer, Devadarshini and others don't necessarily help the viewer's overall experience.

Technical aspects

'Inkosaari Inkosaari' is typically Thaman, powered by Shreya Ghoshal. 'Kolo Kolanna Kolo' is set up well. Thaman's music, therefore, works overall.

The director picked Gopi Sundar for the background music and he disappoints big-time. His BGM is steadfastly drab. The camera work by Prasad Murella is just about average. Prawin Pudi's editing is passable.


In a pre-release interview, Nani said that 'Tuck Jagadish' is all about a nostalgic experience. He was hinting in a too-clever-by-half manner that writer-director Shiva Nirvana's storyline is archaic (although not necessarily boring). The film bets big on its ability to package the obsolete plot points in a nice way and fails right from the word go.

The first act is typically formulaic. There is a fight, there is a song, there is conventional mood-setting. Once this passes, the film becomes a drag.

The scenes involving Jagapathi Babu and Nani could have packed a punch. One has to wait for the interval block to arrive before the film reaches a temporary high.

In the second half, the drama acquires a few more elements that the family dramas of a bygone era used to warm up to. Nani's character undergoes a makeover, an element that is used to deliver a couple of theatrical moments. But, after this, the film's graph falters.

The film should have used the love track to a solid effect. But Ritu Varma's characterization is another low point.

There is an interesting stretch in the pre-climax phase where Jagadish is heartbroken. But the climax is totally a wasted opportunity. Had the proceedings minimized dramatization, the film would have looked somewhat better.

Closing Remarks

'Tuck Jagadish' aspires to be nostalgic in its intent. The execution leaves much to be desired. Nani's performance is engaging. But is the film gripping? Absolutely, no.

Critic's Rating