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‘Aina Ishtam Nuvvu’ in graphics work

Senior Naresh’s son Nawin Vijay Krishna and Keerthi Suresh as hero and heroine respectively, ‘Aina Ishtam Nuvvu’ is being produced by Chanti Addala under Friendly Movies banner with Krishna Vamsi’s disciple Ram Prasad Raguthu as director.

Producer Chanti Addala informs, “The entire shooting part of the film has been completed and presently graphics work is going on as part of post-production works. We will release the audio soon and we are planning to wrap all remaining formalities soon and release the film by the end of August. The title which was chosen according to the story is receiving good response from the audience and film fraternity. Nawin Vijay Krishna has given wonderful performance as an experienced actor. I’m sure the film will entertain the audience as a good family entertainer. New director Ram Prasad Raguthu has crafted the film wonderfully. Songs and re-recording composed by Achu will stand out as special attractions to the film.”

Hero Nawin Vijay Krishna said, “I’m very confident that the film which is being made with a gripping story will be up to everyone’s expectations.”

Director Ram Prasad shared, “Producer Chanti and hero Nawin have supported me a lot in crafting the film as a visual wonder. Naga Babu has played a key role, while Rahul Dev played a baddie. Rahul Dev’s getup will be very different.”

Dialogues: Vardhineedi Suresh; Music: Achu; Cinematography: Suresh Ragutu; Editing: Babu; Presenter: Addala Dhanalakshmi; Producer: Chanti Addala; Story-Screenplay-Direction: Ram Prasad Raguthu.