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Manchu Lakshmi becomes first surrogate mother in Tollywood

“I am going to reveal an important news tomorrow. It’s the happiest news to me and my family”, this is the twitter update of Dr. Mohan Babu on 14th (Yesterday). There were several assumptions and rumors on what might be the GOOD NEWS to the Manchu family? Few even guessed that the news would be the marriage of Manchu Manoj, which turned out to be false as Manoj himself has posted in twitter saying that the news which Mohan Babu is going to reveal is a much happier news than that of his marriage. This has ignited much more curiosity on what might be the NEWS? Everyone is eagerly waiting for the NEWS. And the news is that Dr. Mohan Babu’s has revealed that his one and only daughter has become mother and gave birth to a cute little baby girl through the process of Surrogacy.

Mohan Babu will not beat around the bush while revealing anything. He is very frank in talking anything that he wants to tell. In line with that, he boldly announced that his daughter has become mother through the process of surrogacy. Manchu family started making arrangements from last few days for a grand festival to welcome the new member into their family. Mohan Babu usually takes very good care of his children. And as he likes the female children a lot, he was immensely happy about his daughter becoming a mother. The bonus is that, today is a Father’s day and usually children will give gifts to their fathers and this year Manchu Lakshmi has given him a wonderful gift by giving him a granddaughter. He is already enjoying the company of his grandchildren (twin daughters of Vishnu and Veronika). Now one more kid has joined the family and brought in more happiness for him. While it's known to all that Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan became the surrogate fathers in Bollywood, Manchu Lakshmi is the first women in Tollywood to become a surrogate mother.