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Samantha’s food cost per day is Rs 30,000/-

Samantha is one of the leading actresses in the hall of fame drawing over Rs 1.5 cr per film. The latest buzz in the film industry is that she stands on top position among all the other expensive actresses down South. The cost of this pretty angel’s food is reportedly Rs 30,000/- per day. Do you believe that? Yes! The Film Nagar sources say it’s true! But you might be under the impression that she eats in Five Star Hotel every day. No! No! No! Then how?

Samantha, who suffered with skin allergy and stayed away from shootings some time ago, returned back to films after a thorough treatment. Now, she appears to have got it back again. Hence in order to keep herself far from that scary experience, she strictly decided to follow her doctor’s advice regarding her food intake. Therefore, no more hotel food!!!

Then how does she manage her diet if she omits the hotel food? Very simple! She is accompanied by two cooks wherever she goes for shootings and that’s how her food cost comes to Rs 30,000/- per day. Now you might ask if her food expenditure is bared by her or her producer. Only Samantha has the answer for it!!!