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'Rajugarintlo 7va Roju' all set for release on February 26th

‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ that features Ajay, Bharath, Arjun, Venkatesh, Akshay and Sushmitha in the lead roles, is all set for release on February 26. The film is being made under the banner Bharath Film Factory. Bharath Kumar Peelum is producing the film with Feroz Raja as director.

On the eve of film’s release, director Feroz Raja said, “Apart from producing the film, Bharath has given wonderful performance. The film has all elements including horror, comedy, crime and thriller. Kanishk has provided four wonderful songs and excellent re-recording work. Each and every person has given supported me a lot. The film ‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ goes on with a tight Screenplay. Graphics that comes in 30 min duration will stand out as highlight for the film. We are planning to release the film on February 26. We are confident that audience will encourage our attempt.”

On this occasion, Bharath said, “Comedy based horror thrillers are trending of late. ‘Rajugarintlo 7va Roju’ is of that genre. Feroz Raja has crafted the film wonderfully. Kanishk has given excellent music. It’s an ensemble effort. The film came out wonderfully. It’s a pure horror flick. Shobha Rani garu’s support is unforgettable. Why the Four guys who works as carpenter, electrician, painter and plumber respectively were prisoned- is the story of the film. The film also describes are ghosts real or not. I’m thankful to all artists and technicians who supported me. We are planning to release the film on February 26. We request everyone to make the film a big success.”

Music: Kanishk; Editor: Anil; Cinematography: Kranthi K Kumar; Stills: Nagabhushanam; Producer: Bharath Kumar Peelum; Writer and Director: Feroz Raja.