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RGV to quit his Vodka tweets?


Ram Gopal Varma will stop taking Vodka! The maverick director tweeted, "Just decided to get off Vodka and also want to apologies to every1 i evr bothered including Lord Ganpati's devotees nd @PawanKalyan 's fans."

Is this the after affect of drinking Vodka, well we do not know. But RGV elaborated further, "For all those who are disbelieving my vow, since I don't believe in God, I hereby swear on my mother, Steven Spielberg and @SrBachchan. In whatever way,whoever wants to see,whichever way,i am a new born now --for better or worse --but I will not be what I was befor ever again."

Is this his new naatak? RGV has earlier too said he will quit drinking. But the drama never ceased. Let us wait and see if he is serious about this one.