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Makers react: 'Nobody knows the story of 'Acharya', don't make baseless allegations'


 It seems the makers of 'Acharya' are mighty miffed with Rajesh Manduri, a former associate of director B Gopal, who recently went to the town claiming that the film's story was originally written by him. As per Rajesh, he had narrated a script titled 'Peddayana' scene by scene to a producer in 2017 and that the same has now been made into 'Acharya'.

Ram Charan's production house and Matinee Entertainment have this to say about the charge. "Acharya is an original story written and conceptualized by Koratala Siva alone. Any claim that the said story is copied is baseless! A couple of writers have now made false claims with respect to the story of our film. We have kept the story confidential and only select few people are aware of what it is all about," the statement said, categorically denying the charges.

The statement said that it is "unacceptable to defame a reputed filmmaker like Koratala Siva", who has made a reputation for himself in the film industry. "The claims which are being made are unfounded and seem to be based on the speculative stories in the print and electronic media," the producers added.