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'Wrong Gopal Varma' song gets removed, frozen on YouTube like never before!


Journalist Prabhu is currently doing a film titled 'Wrong Gopal Varma'. Apparently, this one is a satirical take on Ram Gopal Varma. In the first week of September, a title track written by Prabhu was released on YouTube. The first single from the movie logged 7,000 views in no time.

However, a day later, much to his shock, Prabhu discovered that the song had been taken down. When he contacted the audio label company with a complaint to look into the discrepancy, he was told that some shady gang in South America had hacked into YouTube and played spoilsport.

The song was restored a few days later and logged 54,000 views in no time. However, the number of views was frozen at this number for several days despite the audio company's best attempts to promote the song.

These developments have shocked the makers of 'Wrong Gopal Varma', who suspect that someone is deliberately doing all this to prevent the film from gaining popularity. They have come to know that something of this sort had never happened in the history of YouTube.