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'Spider-Man: No Way Home' stuns by grossing Rs 260 Cr in India


'Spider-Man: No Way Home' has been breaking multiple box office records across the world. It is the highest-grossing pandemic-time film worldwide.

The latest box office figures are mind-blowing. The film has made Rs 260 Cr (GBOC) and Rs 202 Cr (NBOC) in India. For perspective, the figure is the 3rd biggest one for a Hollywood project in India. It has mopped up this huge a figure in just 18 days, that too during the pandemic.

Till now, the film has grossed Rs 10,200 Cr worldwide.

Below is the week-wise break-up of collections in India:

Week 1:
Rs 148.07 Cr NBOC
Rs 189.69 Cr GBOC

Week 2:
Rs 41.60 cr NBOC
Rs 53.66 GBOC

Week 3:
Friday – Rs 3.00 Cr NBOC
Rs 3.84 Cr GBOC

Saturday – Rs 4.92 Cr NBOC
Rs 6.35 Cr NBOC

Sunday – Rs 4.75 Cr NBOC
Rs 6.13 Cr NBOC

Grand Total:

Rs 202.34 Cr NBOC
Rs 259.67 Cr GBOC