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"Allari" was a pursuit or you had interest to come into this film domain?
To go with facts…I really have interest to make into this domain. I undertook acting course for around two and half years. "Allari" must have been done two years back…Ravi (Allari Director) and me are friends…the project got delayed, as there were no producers who approved the movie theme. In fact many have interests to take movies revolving and centering youth love. In the last the movie was done through "Suresh Productions".

Your interest for film domain…was it from your childhood or covered your way in recent past?
I am passionate about movies since childhood. My attendance to sets was much when judged against with school. I was free with everyone. I admire and adore this field very much. I couldn't accept anyone speaking low about any person belonging to film field - any editor, director…or anyone else.

Your dad, E.V.V., is a renowned director. Did you ever think of making a debut in direction?
My first love is acting and the next is direction. I am also interested in direction. I have to undergo and work under a director for some time to get to know least about the profession. This makes me get acquainted to any one particular style of the director I worked with…variety will be a rare chance. As an actor, I now have chance to work under many directors. I can now get an opportunity to observe many directors work. This field requires individuality and innovation much. I can later on bring up my own style.

Can you say us briefly about your educational profile?
I have completed Bachelors of Commerce in Foreign Trade.

You both brothers have entered the industry almost at the same moment. Rajesh got much publicity when introduced to the industry. But you received publicity only when the picture was about to be released to the theatres. Is there any specific reason for that?
We have introduced Rajesh at the beginning of the year. We have given him enough publicity. Dad wanted to introduce me at the end of the year as Rajesh is being introduced at the beginning. "Allari" was started suddenly and Ravi Babu approached dad. Dad wanted to give a good publicity to me too. But as that was a low budget film, Ravi Babu explained to dad that he couldn't give me enough publicity. So there was no publicity at all at the beginning. I would be glad if people know me as me rather than son of a famous director. That would be me working hard for the movie and dad gets credit to all (He Laughs…). Anyway dad was busy shooting for "Hai" when I was doing for Allari. We shouldn't keep expectations on any movie. Sometimes audience won't receive even good movies.

Got any Suggestions from dad….
When working for "Allari", dad said me to listen to director and go accordingly. He said me not to involve into the direction while acting.

What do you like in Ravi Babu?
His direction is very sensible and fashionable. He doesn't prolong story and dialogues. A 100 word line condensed into 1 single word…this is Ravi's style. Ravi also handles camera. Even close ups were not taken stand still. He finished the film as an ad format. It was like working for a Hollywood production.

How did you face the camera for the first time?
I was confident enough for the first shot. They have given few dialogues to say. I have done the job and everyone there appreciated. But I felt I have done some memorization. I wasn't satisfied. At the same moment, many directors and producers said I am not fit for movies and suggested me to continue my studies. I made the negative points positive and proceeded. I was bit nervous though when on the first day there were many people around me. I thought not to take many shots for a scene.

What were your feelings after you have seen "Allari"?
Allari was a comedy film made for many range of audience. But few people made around that the movie is not good watch for females and children. Lately, everyone equally enjoyed the film and its comedy.

What are your most liked scenes in "Allari"?
"Pant Vesukoni Chokkaveskobothunte Maa Nanna Pilichadani Vachha" - a scene with this dialogue. And the other one is "Nenu ee intlo undanu…vellipothanu" - a scene at the end of the movie when Kota would beat me in a room. I enjoy these scenes when I watch the movie.

How many times did you watch the movie?
I saw "Allari" for four times.

Seems you are choosing characters that have comedy touch….
A person who can do comedy can do any type of film and can fix well in any character. Most of the films go with comedy. "Dhana Laxmi I Love You" is a remake of "Hera - Pheri"…you can think my character as a comedy villain in that. In "Thotti Ganga", I react mostly to unusual things and keep cool to regular happenings. This character is enjoyable. I am working with Sadha for M.R.C…. my character is composed of emotions.

You are acting in your dad's direction for the first time. What are your feelings about this?
I am very happy for this. Though I have revered fear towards him. He always thinks as a director. When mom approached him to include me for "Thotti Gang"…he thought much about it and accepted. He never gave me a faintest chance as a son…I even felt for this. I was very much afraid if dad would tell off me in front of everyone if I do anything wrong I shoots. But I too agree with him and I feel that would help us to make the shot complete. I freely discuss with dad any issue regarding work. He is a very principled man. When I am done with work and just chatting around…he would always suggest me to prepare for the next scene. I am very much excited to work with dad. He never compromises for anything and explains me everything. He suggests me to do the scenes more perfectly. In Ravi's direction…he asks me to repeat the scenes directly. Even director Shiva Nageshwar Rao too.

How are you enjoying "Shiva Nageshwar Rao's direction?
Well…he has a small tendency. I don't know whether that's good or bad. But whenever the dialogue has to be delivered with more perfection, he always told me some jokes to divert the topic and then later on asked the moral out of it. He wanted me to implement the moral into the dialogue delivery tone. How ever serious the topic might be…he has ability to divert it fully and make people laugh. I am enjoying a lot in his direction.

"Allari" was a hit…but "Hai" by Rajesh has not faired well. Hit/Flop took place in the same house. How your family reacted about this?
"Allari" was released first. That was a hit and we all were happy with the release. We never were concerned for "Hai" failure. Hits/Flops are part and parcel of goings. If this movie flops, the next movie will sure be a hit and vice versa. Everyone appreciated Rajesh's action, performance as well as his dialogues. The picture might have failed because of poor story base. Our mother has encouraged Rajesh and has given enough support to him. One has to face both sides of the cine world before establishing in the field.

Can we expect Rajesh's and your duo on screen?
That may likely to happen next year.

How is your mother's support and encouragement to you?
Mostly moms are bit problematic when compared to dads. In my family, my mother encourages us most. I had 11 pages dialogues to perform when I was in theatres. My mother used to explain me the essence of the historic words in the script. She had enough patience to sit with me and explicate the dialogues. Mom values this profession.

What are your current films under production?
Dhana Laxmi I Love You, Thotti Gang, Balaji Arts Creations, M.R.C. Films, and Allari remake in Tamil.

What were your friend's comments on your first movie?
We watched the movie on the first show of the release. From then on they started teasing me and commenting upon me. After seeing the entire movie…they appreciated my acting…that created for me a good image. My friends appreciated me for the first time.

Any happenings that made your mood bright with joy…
We were shooting for "Dhana Laxmi I Love You". A school bus was moving beside the shoot…and all of a sudden the children began calling my name and rejoicing with songs in "Allari". We all turned our heads to see them make a traffic jam and come running to me. They were with me for around 10 minutes. And there was water in my eyes…I was moved by the scene…I was then asked by one of the team members of the shoot for why I was crying…I never knew that I had water in my eyes till then. That's the most happiest moment in my life…very memorable…

A director you are…. would you like to produce for movies in future?
I should say that’s always better for a director to have his own banner. I would definitely like to produce movies and this may likely to happen in future. That’s a great difficulty to manage and please others. When I have confidence in the story, producing the same when no body is set to do helps me to get the complete essence from the story base…

Any moments when you felt uncomfortable or uneasy…
I never felt mentally uneasy. There was a problem though for shooting "Allari" in the last scene. I was badly hurt at the back while I was running behind the train because of few objects placed there. We completed the scene.

Your most favored performers…
I am fond of Telugu actors. Chiru's dancing, Nagarjuna's dressing, Rajashekar's face expressions, Venky's pleasantry wit and comedy, Mohan Babu's dialogue delivery, Venu's dialogue talks…I love them all. When comes to today's young heroes…I like Jr. N.T.R., Tarun…I like almost all of them…I am fond of Sharukh and Amir khan in Bollywood.

Your leisure pursuits…
I love watching movies. I see almost all Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, English movies. I dear music with soft melodies to fast beats.

What type of feedback you received through industry people after "Allari"?
I received calls of approval for my performance. I heard my dad talk to Chiranjeevi…he didn't see my movie though. But he said his son saw "Allari" and appreciated it...

Are you naughty and playful when at home?
Mischievous, frivolous and perky…most suitable adjectives to describe me. Though bit short tempered…I mix among people without any tugs. I am naughty always. And that would be the servants who have to bear me when no one at home.

Your Date of Birth…
June 30, 1980.

Updated on July 18, 2005