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Special Interview with hero Sree


Meet Sree, the up coming actor whose real name is Srinivas. The actor shot to fame overnight with the success of his debut movie ‘Ee Rojullo’, directed by Maruthi. The talented actor, who has a passion for for capturing the audience through his acting skills, also earned good name in films like ‘Rye Rye’ and ‘Pusthakamlo Konni Pageeelu Missing’. In a special interview given by him, Sree reveals how he entered the film industry, bad experiences he faced, his upcoming projects and many more. So take a look what the young artist had to say.

Looks like you are presently in success mood of ‘Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing’.
Yes absolutely. The success of that film has doubled my energy levels.  I feel happy to note that everyone has appreciated my character in the movie.  Even today, few of my friends, well-wishers and some prominent people in the industry call and congratulate me.

You have entered the film industry as Srinivas and got introduced as Sree through your debut film.  Do you intend to continue as Sree only?
Yes, I got introduced as Sree through my first movie ‘Ee Rojullo’ and am continuing with the same name in the following films too. I’m well known as Sree in the industry and amongst audience, even though it’s being mentioned in titles as Sreeni.

What inspired you to choose this line?Hero Sree Special Interview
My entry into films happened unexpectedly despite the fact that it was my long time wish to act in films.  One fine day I went to meet my friend after learning that he is going to make a movie.  There I met Maruthi garu and even took part in story discussion.  All of a sudden Maruthi garu asked me, “Will you do a role in this film?” I was like okay.  So ‘Ee Rojullo’ movie turned into a demo CD with one by one joining the team.  And today it’s one of the most successful films.

What was your reaction when you first saw the audience’ response for ‘Ee Rojullo’?
Truly speaking I could neither enjoy the success at that time nor later. That’s due to my next movie ‘Aravind 2’ being on sets on the day of ‘Ee Rojullo’ release.  Later I got busy with that project and missed the opportunity of enjoying the ‘Ee Rojullo’ success.

Okay.  How did your family members respond to it?
Another truth is that I did not let my family members know about my acting in these two films.  Later when they came to know, they all have appreciated me.  I never ever got disappointed even though I was not encouraged by my parents.  One fine day my dad called me and warned seriously, “We hear a lot about the cine field, so be careful.  It’s okay even if you loose a rupee.  But I do not want to hear from anyone saying that they have lost everything because of you or that you have cheated them.” So I’m continuing my journey keeping my dad’s words in mind.  There is a strong belief on me that my films will not have trouble in releasing even if the film fails to do good business.

Post ‘Aravind 2’, what else did you do?
I met Sekhar Suri garu during the time of ‘Ee Rojullo’ making and conveyed my wish to work with him hoping that I would get good exposure and experience if I work with a big director like him.  And he gave me the opportunity and encouraged me. The following film ‘Rye Rye’ was a mass entertainer. So it got good response from B and C centers.  It’s known to all that I played a software engineer in ‘Ee Rojullo’ and the name of my character was ‘Sree’ which became my permanent name.  I played a Tattooist in ‘Aravind 2’, a village boy in ‘Rye Rye’, an ad filmmaker in ‘Love Cycle’ and a memory loss patient in the recently released ‘Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing’.  So in this manner, all have earned me good image as every character that I played was different from other and had its own specialty.

Which is your most favourite character among the ones you have played so far?
As told before, every character is different from other.  The character in ‘Rye Rye’ is quite contrast to the one I played in ‘Puthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing’. I have had good scope for exhibiting my acting skills in all these films and proved that ‘Yes’, Sree can do justice to any role that is offered to him.  I too wish to do variety roles along with showing some heroism.

Hero Sree Open InterviewAlright.  Was there any character that you struggled most to perform?
No, I never faced one such situation so far.  I carved a niche for myself merely with five films.  I was also able to gain knowledge on films and production.  I did every film with passion and hard work.  I used to learn about the character I play on the set and simply follow my director’s instructions.  In fact I was even compared to a pure white paper.  There is no question of struggling when I’m able to follow what my director says. Moreover I only try to improve myself with every film.  My wish is only to be recognized as an artist who can do any type of character with ease.

Have you gone through bitter experiences in your film journey?
I do not know if it’s right to talk the truth now, but yes, I have had experienced some bitter things.  But one thing I wanted to say is if I reveal all those I would be hurting few people.  I’m simply following what I promised my dad.  I’m here in the industry with self-confidence even after loosing my hard earned money.  I’m living with the same confidence that I can earn all that I’ve lost.  One should know where to draw a line in the industry.  I got deceived by few people and almost lost everything that I’ve earned. My mom used to preach me saying that I should get a good name by lending help to others.  I strictly followed the same.  Even today I’ve not told my family members the amount of loss I incurred due to others.

Would you mind sharing those bad experiences with our readers?
It’s of no use discussing all that now as I’ve already tasted it.  A producer approached me saying that he is planning a Rs 30 crore project and wanted to see the outline of the film in the form of graphics.  So he made me believe that a demo shooting is required and shot the film for 15 days.  After few days he suddenly appeared and asked me to dub for the film. I was shocked!!!! You know what….. he said he had completed the film with the 15 days of demo shooting and going to release the same.  I was really shocked!!!! Not stopping with that I faced something similar once again.  I had to pay the whole lot to a finance company for giving surety to a person.  After that I learnt my lessons and decided to be careful with regard to commitments.

Do you wish to continue as solo hero or take up multi-starrer projects?
So far I’ve not set any rules like that.  Having got good recognition as an actor, I do not mind doing any kind of film, be it a solo film or a multi-starrer.  As an actor I’m always available provided I’m offered good roles.  I’m able to continue as an actor in the industry only because people believe that I can do any kind of role with ease. At present I’m in touch with almost all young heroes in Tollywood.  If I’m offered a good role, I don’t mind joining hands with young heroes or the leading ones.

BTW who’s your favourite hero and heroine?
The great actor SV Ranga Rao garu is my favourite actor.  I watched all his films.  He is a legend.  Every role that he played had its own specialty, be it a villain, comedy or character role.  Among the heroes, Nandamuri Balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan are my role models.  I never miss watching their films.  Another actor who I follow the most is Shahrukh Khan.  I do watch films of other heroes too because by watching their performances, it helps me create my own style in acting. When it comes to heroines, I like Shriya and Katrina Kaif.

What are your present commitments?
‘Galaata’ under the direction of Krishna will go on sets shortly.  This film will be shot in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada by a leading Malayalam production company called Yusam Creations.  There is going to be a huge turning point in my carrer with this movie as it’s going to be made in all four south Indian languages.

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Updated on April 24, 2020