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Jump Jilani will entertain with nonstop comedy - E Satti Babu


We are just few hours behind the release of this comedy flick, but it appears to be worth a wait. The latest film ‘Jump Jilani’, is coming out in the combination of Allari Naresh and E Satti Babu tomorrow (June 12). This is the fourth film in the duo combination. Director Satti Babu spoke about his upcoming release and shared some of the details on the film’s plot and characters in the film. Check it out in the interview below.

E Satti Babu about Jump Jilani About the film: ‘Jump Jilani’ is not about love, friends and political parties, but it’s the story of two grandsons who make all attempts to save their grandfather’s property.  In the process, the two will entertain the audience with nonstop comedy.

About his combination with Naresh he commented: ‘Jump Jilani’ is my ninth film and fourth with Naresh.  I assure the audience that the film will be a wonderful feast to them.  I’m very confident that it will hundred percent entertain the audience.

About Allari Naresh’s performance: Allari Naresh needs no special introduction because the audience know him better than me.  This is my fourth film with him.  Naresh took comedy to next level with his performance in ‘Jump Jilani’.

About Isha Chawla’s role: Isha played a food inspector role. She gave an amazing performance in the dominating character.

About Swathi Dixit’s role: Swathi Dixit played cousin (Maradalu) to both male lead characters.  She too gave wonderful performance as village belle.

On Posani Krishna Murali’s role: Posani essayed a very important character in the film.  He has already carved a niche for himself as a wonderful actor.  In this film, he will be seen as a sincere lover and on other hand he has portrayed several shades in the role of faction leader. Interestingly he did few dances too!

On film’s highlights: Comedy is the main highlight.  Naresh in dual role will provide wholesome entertainment.  The main highlight is that both characters will travel from start to end in the film.  Another highlight is both characters will be seen dancing together in three songs.

On music: Vijay Ebenezer provided music for the original version in Tamil and it was a big hit.  Therefore we wanted him to compose music for the Telugu version too.  He did an extraordinary job in Telugu as well.  We have shot two songs in Bangkok and spent Rs 60 lakhs on it in order to shoot in never seen before locations.  Both songs and background score has come out well.  There is tremendous response for the Telugu audio too.

About the censor board feedback: The censor board gave clean ‘U’ certificate and appreciated the film saying that our film is a wonderful family entertainer and that they have given clean ‘U’ after a very long time. That gave me immense happiness and further boosted my confidence level.

Updated on April 24, 2020