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Heroine Sree Divya Interview


Telugu lass Sri Divya, who entered into the Telugu industry with the film ‘Bus Stop’, has proved her acting talent with ‘Mallela Theeramlo Sirimalle Chettu’. She is now in a signing spree in Telugu and Tamil industry. She paired up with Kranthi for the film ‘Varadhi’ and the film was released April 17, and is running successfully with a success talk. On this occasion, we caught up with Sri Divya for a brief interview. Here are the excerpts.

We would like to hear from you about the audience’s response for the film ‘Varadhi’?
I’ve not watched the film in theatres, I got the news that the film is receiving good response. Few people from Palasa and Vuyyuru areas who have seen the film, appreciated me through phone call.

How did you choose the script?
It’s an amazing story. My role and the way the director has narrated the script impressed me a lot. My character in the film proves that girl will love sincerely. You will see some super natural elements also in the film and it became big plus to the film.

Can we expect an out and out glamorized role from you?
Nope. I’ll not do such type of roles. There is lot of difference between modern roles and glamorous roles. I prefer the first one. I need to first like the role that I am offered. Cinema means not just glamour. Revathi garu and Jaya Sudha garu are the good examples for that.

You are acting in Tamil remake film ‘Bangalore Days’. Do you work in Telugu remake films also?
Producers felt that there will be star casting problem if they remake the film in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously and therefore they decided to make the film separately with separate casting. Basically, I too don’t prefer remake films. Bhaskar garu approached me and said that they will not make the film as it is. That impressed me a lot and I immediately accepted to act in this. I’ve watched ‘Bangalore Days’ in Malayalam. Now, I’m trying to forget that film and adopting the role which the director has narrated me.

Tell us about your character in ‘Kerintha’?
I have done a bubbly role in ‘Kerintha’. Dill Raju garu got satisfied with my performance in the film.

What are your upcoming projects?
Right now, I am working in Sai Kiran Adivi’s ‘Kerintha’ and in Tamil remake film ‘Bangalore Days’. You will see me with karthi in one film and I have a couple of offers in Tamil which are in talks now. I will disclose the details soon.

Updated on April 21, 2020