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Interview with ‘Lajja’ fame Varun


Some people make films for business and some make out of passion and some others make films to show that they too can make movies. There will be few people like Narasimha Nandi, who will make films with their extraordinary talents and make them sensational. Narasimha Nadi has bagged national award for best film in 2009 by making ‘1940 Lo Oka Gramam’ in 2008. After that, he made ‘kamalatho Naa Prayanam’ with entirely new story in 2013. In the latest, he made a family drama with the title ‘Lajja’ in a new angle. Though he is new to experimenting with new artists, ‘Lajja’ is well received by the audience for its freshness. On the occasion of Varun’s birthday on April 2, an interview has been given by him who played one of the lead roles in ‘Lajja’. Here are few excerpts from his interview:

Please introduce yourself?
I was born in Hanumakonda in Warangal district. Up to my 8th standard, I studied in Warangal. From there on I studied in Hyderabad.

How you developed interest in films and get into the field? 
When I’m in my 10th standard, I got few offers from film industry. Basically, my father is a business man and so that we have good relationship with the people in the film industry. They used to ask my father that your son is looking good and why don’t you drag him into film industry. I have dream to become a hero since my childhood. I used to watch films more and more. When I was in intermediate, I did a short film with the director Venkat Maguluri. It got good response. All my friends have praised me. RP Patnaik garu offered me a role in ‘Manalo Okkadu’.

How did you get the opportunity in ‘Lajja’?
During the shooting of ‘Manalo Okkadu’, I met director Narasimha Nandi garu with the help of my friend. I did ‘Lajja’ in parallel with ‘Manalo Okkadu’. But due to the delay of RP Patnaik’s ‘Manalo Okkadu’, ‘Lajja’ released as my first film. I played Sameer in ‘Lajja’.

What are your upcoming projects?
At present I’m working for two films. I’m also working for ‘Buddareddypalli Breaking News’ under ‘Lajja’ film’s director Narasimha Nandi’s direction.

Your two films’ directors are known for making different genre films. How was the working experience with them?
Yes. Narasimha Nandi garu and RP Patnayak garu, both makes films which are much related to the society. I enjoy working for different films. My role in ‘Manalo Okkadu’ has three different shades. It has negative shade also. It doesn’t mean that I like negative roles. I have the confidence that I can do cent percent justice to any role.

Did you get the support from your family members?
Yes. My father has given lot of support. I’m doing my first year. Along with the dream to become a hero, I know the importance of studies.

Do you have any experience in dances, fights and acting?
I took training on all these things in an institution. Whatever work I have, I do with commitment and great involvement. I have the confident that I can do any work.

When will be your next project starts?
Right now, ‘Manalo Okkadu’ is going on. My new project will commence from the first week of May. I will appear as a village lover boy in ‘Buddareddypalli Breaking News’. I love playing different roles.

Are there any particular directors that you are looking forward to work with?
I have dream to work with Trivikram garu.

Updated on April 21, 2020