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Surender Reddy Interview on Dhruva


Surendar Reddy is confident that his upcoming film Dhruva will be a success. The director is very cool about this. He talks about the film, remakes and much more.

Any changes between the original and the remake?
This film is a script based one. Mostly the film has remained loyal to the original. Some changes have been made to suit the Telugu nativity. Some scenes have been shot in new locations. When I was asked to remake this film, it was not easy for me. Making remakes is a hard task. This problem was also faced by Aravind Swamy who acted in the original.

Have you made any changes to Aravind Swamy’s role?
Nope we have made no changes to his role. Infact his role has been enhanced here. He asked us if it is the same role or any changes, when he was told about it he was very glad.

Tell us about Ram Charan’s look, was it your decission?
Yes, I took a call here about the hero’s look. Be it any of my films I do that. Charan also wanted to look fit and he worked hard on this. Sometimes he has worked 24 hour straight to attain what he wanted. The moustache that charan is sporting is also my idea.

How was it working with Ram Charan?
Charan is an amazing person. Several things have been written about him and when I started working with him I realized he is a different person altogether. Charan is committed and very honest.

Will you do remakes in future?
I don’t think so. This will be my last remake. I might do a remake only if I can reimagine it.

You are not writing stories anymore, why?
For another six months or so I am not planing to write a story. Content-wise, 'Oosaravelli' is my best film ever.

Rumour is that you will be directing Chiranjeevi?
It would be a great oppurtunity, may be I will direct him. Inacase I do it will be a stylish action entertainer like 'Kick'.

Updated on April 18, 2020