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Ram Gopal Varma Interview on Vangaveeti


Ram Gopal Varma’s Vangaveeti in out in theatres. The director tells us why this film is unique...

Tell us about Vangaveeti?
This is not a biopic. It was a great experience interacting with these criminals. The incidents, everyone knows about them. What I have portrayed are the emotions. You will see what the family members went through. When we know their point of view, our hearts will also hurt for them.

What is the USP of Vangaveeti?
You will have never seen the detailing that has gone into the assassinations in Vangaveeti. I have touched upon the murders how they were planned and how they were executed.

The film has a lot of violence in it?
Yes it does. There is a murder scene which I have shot for for more than 15 minutes.

Any particular reason for selecting Sandy?
He was perfect for this role. I met him in Puri Jagan’s house in a party. One look at him and his mannerisms I was sure that he is the one. I asked him to send his pictures dressed as Vangaveeti. After seeing the pictures I just finalized him.

Pawan Kalyan, comment?
I am a big fan of Pawan Kalyan. Despite this I do not understand Pawanism. He is very silent on the outlook, but there is a fire burning in him. He will be bursting in a massive way and this will happen very soon. Just see how he will perform in the next elections.

Khaidi No 150?
He should have done something bigger than Baahubali. This has been told by me before and I am saying it again.

Your tweets always cause reactions?
I tweet whatever thoughts flow in my mind. Sometimes this might even become a film. I might make a film on Sasikala.

Updated on April 18, 2020