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Ram Gopal Varma talks about "Raksha"


Ram Gopal Varma who visited Hyderabad for promoting the film ‘Raksha’, had a small interaction with the media. Jagapathi Babu and Kalyani in lead roles, the film also has Baby Neha in the pivotal role. Vamsi Krishna Akella is being introduced as the director through this film and One More Thought Entertainment Pvt Ltd is producing this film. The interview started with the following questions:

Can we call Raksha as a remake of Phoonk?
No. Only the central theme is same for both the films.  Raksha is more realistic than Phoonk.  The difference between both the films is, Phoonk is more like an aesthetic film whereas the subject in Raksha has been brilliantly handled by the director by designing Jagapathi Babu’s character that will be atheist in the beginning and gradually transforms into a God believer.  So both the films were treated differently and hence cannot say that Raksha is a remake of Phoonk.

What is your opinion about the director Vamsi Krishna Akella?
He is a man who has clarity in visualizing things.  He has brought the script to me and after working together on the script I found that he is sincere in what he does. I repented for having missed one such chance of making him the director of Phoonk after watching the film Raksha.

How about the film Homam?
I’m yet to see the film, so it’s too early to comment on that.

How much did it cost to make the film Phoonk?
The budget was around 3.5 crores for making Phoonk.

The quality of low budgeted Hindi films are very high compared to that of Telugu films even after spending double the amount.  Why?
Right from the beginning the production values of Hindi films are higher than Telugu films. It also depends on the actors. For example, Sarkar Raj was made with a medium budget mostly shot in a single house. Creativity counts.

In your recent Phoonk, you have dealt with the subject brilliantly by divulging the problem from both angles (i.e.,) the superstition and scientific levels.  You have also generated interest in the audience in first half of the film, but did not hold the grip by showing the girl getting up and floating in air in the second half. Why?
Yes, I do agree your point.  The same question has been asked by many people.  My main intention was to thrill the audience that particular moment. But again you could find the climax turning to be interesting.

How is that the climax sequences in Sarkar Raj, Contract and the recent Phoonk, all have curious twists and turns?
Yes!  Nothing was intentional and it happened coincidentally. Since the stories of all the three films demanded such twists, it happened so.

Was Aag a lesson to you that after its miserable failure, your following films appear like you have become more careful in dealing with the subjects?
To speak in general, the visualization differs from one director to other. That is what has happened in the film Aag. I’ve dealt with the subject which was already done by other director, whereas, all my other latest films were my creations. So there lies the difference.

When are you planning to release Sabari?
Coming November.

Your next project.
My next project is basically about the Indian news media. I’m currently doing some homework on the subject, hence will start the shooting from December 2009.

Updated on April 25, 2020