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The PVR cinemas in Hyderabad was an avenue for a press meet of Ramgopal Verma


The PVR cinemas in Hyderabad was an avenue for a press meet of Ramgopal Verma. No doubt it is in connection with the “horror special” Phoonk. Due for release on Aug 22nd, the movie has all ingredients of Indian horror through Black magic. The media had an open chat with RGV.

 RGV explained that the movie Phoonk conceptualized from Yandamuri Veerendranath’s Tulasi Dalam and the lack of knowledge of mysteries in life.

With a tagline as superstition, Phoonk has a hero in a young atheist construction engineer who ridicules God and superstition in the form of black magic. When faced with sudden downfall, the engineer’s beliefs get hampered and how he recovers is all the movie about.

Talking about personal belief on black magic, RGV said that he was an atheist and his personal experiences did leave certain uncertainties. He narrated the Ganapathi idol drinking milk and when he reached the temple with a friend, the idol was no more consuming milk. Bit he was confused when his close fiend, who took him to the temple, insisted that he saw the milk being consumed. Thus, RGV conveyed that there was always a scientific reasoning and logic in any such event. He added that the belief of people on such happening is due to lack of reaching a logical conclusion. So, he said that the movie is all about the conflict between believers and non-believers of black magic.

When quizzed about offering Rs 5L to anyone viewing the movie alone he responded saying that the idea was mooted by the producer as a promotion. But the condition for the prize was that the person should watch the movie without any protection to ears and eyes, meaning they should be open and active throughout the movie.

RGV though accepted that Phoonk took a few cues from the Exorcist, clarified that the Exorcist was all about dealing with evil spirits, the Phoonk was aimed at only terrorizing the viewers.

When asked about the terror content in Movies like Contract, he was shrewd in saying that as a director, his job was to think creatively and take movies. He was critical in saying that people do not become the characters as seen on different movies with different concepts and if people follow each, then there must be only combined families as seen in Hum Apke Hai Kaun or only bandits as per the role played by Gabbar Singh. He also denied any interest in Telangana even though there were traces of Telangana related issues in a few of his movies.

He brushed aside the questions on the possible threat he received due to his decision to direct a movie on Veerapan. Citing presence of many written articles on Veerapan, he said that a movie on him should not disturb anyone.

He concluded the chat saying that he is shifting his focus from Bollywood to Tollywood and hence may consider many young heroes for his forthcoming projects.

Updated on April 25, 2020