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Sekhar Chandra about Savaari, Valayam & more


Sekhar Chandra is surely one of the most underrated music directors in the Telugu film industry. He has given some big hit albums but is yet to make a big commercial film that would give his songs the reach he deserves. His recent album for 'Savaari' has become a hit. Especially the 'Nee Kannulu' and 'Undipovaa' songs have got an excellent response. His upcoming film is 'Valayam', which releases on 21st February. On the eve of the film's release, Sekhar Chandra has interacted with the media. Excerpts..

Music director Sekhar Chandra interview about Savaari, Valayam, 118Memorable response
I'm very happy to see that my songs for 'Savaari' have become chartbusters. Telugu audiences have been encouraging me since 'Nachaavule' and they have now made 'Savaari' album a big hit. Especially, the response to 'Nee Kannulu' song is superb. It has got more than 10 million views. Many have made Tiktok videos on that song. I thank Rahul Sipligunj for singing the song. I also thank the lyricist Kasarla Syam.

Going viral
It's been 14 years since I entered the industry. I did around 35 movies. The way my career has been progressing is good. My songs are getting good response. The Tiktok videos on them are also going viral.

Kalyan Ram's appreciation
'118' is the biggest movie I've done so far in my career. It has only one song. But it was very challenging to me. Guhan garu was the director and Kalyan Ram garu was the hero. On top of that, it was a thriller movie. I wasn't sure if I would do justice to the song. But 'Chandamame' song became a big hit. Kalyan Ram garu appreciated me and said it will be a memorable song in his career. It's a memorable moment.

Feel bad
I definitely feel bad that I'm not getting the opportunities to score music for big movies. Because they will have a wider reach. But though the films I am doing are small, they are fresh, concept oriented movies. So, I am able to give fresh music and getting good appreciation.

Social media
I haven't given a thought to social media so far. But recently, Rahul Sipligunj has suggested me to open an instagram account. I will think about it.

Favourite songs
Among my songs, 'Nee Kannulu', 'Undipovaa' songs from 'Savaari', 'Chandhamame' from '118', 'Inthalo Ennenni Vinthalo' from 'Karthikeya' and 'Vellipoke' from 'Mem Vayasuku Vaccham' are my favourites.

A.R.Rahman has inspired me to become a music director. M.M.Keeravani garu is also my favourite.

Father's reaction
My dad is a cinematographer. When I said that I wanted to become a music director, he was shocked. He said that doing music for films is a riskier job compared to cinematography. But after seeing the response to some of the songs I did he has got confidence.

Future projects
'Valayam' will release on 21st of this month. A film with 'Hushaaru' team is in the discussion stage.

Updated on February 18, 2020