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Interview with Team 'Bombhaat'


'Bombhaat' is a complete entertainer: Team

'Bombhaat', the romantic sci-fi, will stream on Amazon Prime from December 3. Susanth Reddy, Chandini Chowdary and Simran Choudhary feature in this Raghavendra Varma directorial.

In an exclusive interview with Ragalahari, the director and lead actors tell us what makes the film unique.

Director Raghavendra Varma:

The working title of our movie was 'Baby'. By the time we applied for registration, it was not available.

'Bombhaat' is a Telangana expression that means amazing, superb. Since this is a superhero-type movie, we chose the title. We have no particular target audience in mind. The Telugu audience doesn't want to see a sci-fi movie as a proper genre movie. Robotics is a relatively new thing for our audience. We have to narrate a sci-fi story like we would tell such a story to our grandmother. That's what we have done.

This is my 20th movie as a technician. My father used to be a filmmaker. In that sense, I have been associated with the industry since my birth.

I didn't want to do a regular movie. K Raghavendra Rao asked me about the genre I wanted to work on. Sophia, a humanoid in Dubai, gave an interview a few years back. I was fascinated by the idea of a female humanoid giving the impression of being a real human. The genesis for 'BomBhaat' started with that movie. I wanted to tell the audience how a robot would look like in a sci-fi setting.

'BomBhaat' is a mix of several genres. It's not a one-genre movie, which the trailer clearly shows. Thanks to the producer, production values were rich. The perfect script met its match in the perfect making.

Gautam Raju garu's editing is a highlight. He has brought to the table years of experience. The dialogues will stand out. I am sure the lines will be loved by one and all. As for music, they are woven into the story. The songs complement the story and take the film forward. Josh B, the music director, has worked on so many devotionals. It has been perceived that he can do only classical music. He who masters classical genre can do anything. The BGM is another highlight in terms of genre.

Simran Chowdary:

Susanth and I couldn't bond much on the sets of 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi'. But we bonded well during the promotions of that movie. He is a nice person to work with. That's what I have realized during the making of 'BomBhaat'.

This is an out and out family entertainer that you can watch with your kids, parents and grandparents. I hope you all like it.

I always love to see my pics on Ragalahari. It's glad to know that my images are among the top-viewed ones.

Susanth Reddy:

It was comfortable working with Simran again after 'Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi'. I got to interact with her on sets.

The movie is about how a college youth's life changes when he meets a humanoid robot and a villain enters his life.

It was fun experience shooting for the movie. One day, we had to move out of the place with heavy equipment when it started raining.

We are happy that our film will reach the Telugus anywhere in the world. Thanks to Amazon Prime, even non-Telugus will be able to watch the film at the click of a button. I am very much excited for that reason.

Updated on December 1, 2020