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Interview of Sagar RK Naidu about 'Shaadi Mubarak'


Sagar (RK Naidu) of 'Mogali Rekulu' fame will be seen as the male lead in 'Shaadi Mubarak', which will release in theatres on March 5. In this interview, he talks about the film, Dil Raju backing it, what can be expected from the family entertainer and more.

After I entered the film industry, this is my first movie that is coming out amid high expectations. It is releasing on Dil Raju garu's banner. This is a 100% family entertainer. My audience expects this kind of movie from me.

We were sure that Dil Raju garu would support our movie, which is content-based. He came out in support of 'Shaadi Mubarak' only because he loved the content. He told me that I will chart a new path in the film industry after this movie.

The premise is that a young man meets a woman, who is a stranger, while on his way to meeting his potential wife. Everyone can relate to such characters. Every character in the movie is relatable.

Three parts of the movie are hilarious. It's a feel-good entertainer with an undercurrent of strong emotion. Sunil Kashyap's music is superb, and it is in keeping with the movie's soul. 'Krishna Ne Begane' song has got a nice response.

I am married in real life. The trailer shows the heroine as saying that marriage is all about safe sex. But that is not what her character actually believes in the movie. There is more to her character.

Drishya Raghunath has given a nice performance. Her character is that of a girl-next-door. She doesn't come with frills. She is normal and very relatable. She has done 100% justice to her character.

Doing TV serials has brought me stardom on TV. I have begun a new journey in the film industry. We take up a new journey when we are confident. My character RK Naidu created a lot of impact. It inspired many and I became a familiar face in every household because of that character. In films, I can't choose a character that degrades RK Naidu.

Director Padmasri has worked previously under Krishna Vamsi garu. At one point in time, Krishna Vamsi garu wanted to do a subject like 'Shaadi Mubarak'.

I have not danced so far in movies. But in my next movie, I will do that. If not for anything, I have to prove that I can dance.

Coronavirus has set a mood in life. I hit the pause button last year. I have become a bit socially conscious.

I will next be seen in a spy thriller, which is directed by an assistant of Gautham Menon.  

Updated on March 3, 2021