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Interview of Sree Vishnu about 'Gaali Sampath'


'Gaali Sampath' will release in theatres on March 11. In this interview, Sree Vishnu talks about the film, working with Rajendra Prasad, his upcoming projects and more.

I have known Anil Ravipudi garu as a warm person. When he narrated the storyline of 'Gaali Sampath', I instantly said that it's good. He and his team took time to fine-tune the script. I was thrilled on knowing that Rajendra Prasad garu would be playing my father. The story comes with a lot of scope for entertainment and emotions.

I feel fortunate to be doing more than one movie at a time. This is not a father's story or a son's story. Without either of them, 'Gaali Sampath' would be incomplete.

Once I get into my character, I am not conscious about who is my co-star. Thanks to the outdoor shoots, I got close with RP garu during the making of the film. There is so much to learn from him. In the 1990s, in a particular year, he did 12 movies, out of which eight were 100-day movies. I have learned from him what it takes to be that smart in choosing scripts.

Almost all scenes in the movie were completed in a single take. Even the most challenging ones were completed at a go. Achu Rajamani's music is refreshing. He has proven to be the right choice.

In 'Gaali Sampath', the father is irresponsible while the son is disciplined. The core emotional part involves the father-son duo. The heroine (Lovely Singh) has got an interesting characterization.

The run-time of the movie is appropriate. All secitons of audiences will love the film.

My father in real life has never questioned my choices. I always keep him in the loop. He trusts my abilities completely.

There was a time when the likes of NTR garu were loud in their performances. Those days, people were calm from the inside. So, they could take those acts. These days, people are loud already. So, they are looking for natural performances.

When it comes to script selection, I take some time to make a decision. I want to stick to acting for now and am not thinking about direction. As for negative roles, I don't think audience would like me in them.

I am an emotional person. When I come across physically-challenged individuals, I feel sad. We should feel fortunate if we have functioning body parts.

As an actor, I believe that I should do a variety of roles so that writers will be inspired to write different stories. The media supported me when I did distinct movies early on in my career. Since they were small movies, publicity costs were less. It's the media that took the films to the audience. I am not running after good stories. They are coming to me without my making special efforts.

The shoot of 'Raja Raja Chora', which is a fun-filled movie, was completed recently. It was supposed to release before 'Gaali Sampath' actually. 'Arjuna Phalguna' is done to the tune of 60%. I am doing a cop film and it will be directed by a newcomer. Surprisingly, the film won't have a single action sequence. The film is episodic and will have incidents from the lives of various decorated cops. I am also doing a film in the direction of the 'Banam' director, Chaitanya Dantuluri.

Updated on March 9, 2021