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Ram spoke about his new flm "Ganesh"


After his debut film ‘Devadas’ followed by ‘Jagadam’ ‘Ready’ and ‘Maska’, the youth heart throb, Ram, has been marching successfully in Telugu film industry. Particularly his role in ‘Ready’ fetched him a distinction as children’s favourite hero. Now he has ventured into a project involving 26 children and a new kind of Martial Arts, this film, aptly titled, ‘Ganesh’ with a tagline ‘Just Ganesh’ is due to release on September 24th. So here are some excerpts from an interview with Ram:

After the super hit film ‘Ready’, Ram and Sravanthi Movies combination is once again coming up with ‘Ganesh’. What is so special about this film that impressed you?
It’s a new storyline that impressed me. To tell you the truth the soothing effect of story was such that I got relieved from a severe head-ache soon after hearing this story.

‘Devadas’ was your first film which was a super hit. Now, it is ‘Ganesh’. Both are not new titles. Any sentiments?
I don’t have such sentiments. Infact we wanted to avoid naming this movie after ‘Ganesh’. But the storyline compelled the use of the title. You all will realize and appreciate when you see the movie.

What kind of character you are playing?
I’m playing the boy next door character called Ganesh and the main story revolves around this significant character that has an obsession to do good things at any cost. It aims at solving the personal problems of anybody who is approaching it with a specific problem.

What genre this film belongs to?
After ‘Ready’ I’m lucky to have children following. So I decided to further strengthen that with this movie. In this, 26 children play different roles along with me. And that has given me a very different and enjoying experience. The matured acting by the children will surprise everyone. This apart, the movie will not disappoint the viewers when it comes to the love angle and the mass requirements.

What are the other attractions in the film?
We are bringing to viewers the nuances of Martial Arts. Peter Hynes choreographed an incredible weapon fight that is being used in Indian movies for the first time. This apart, the choreography in Vinayaka Chavithi song in the end is a class of its own. And not to speak of Brahmanandam’s role!!

Mickey J Mayor has given a fantastic music. I’ve turned into his ardent fan after working with him.

How did you feel while working with a debut director?
Saravanan is a director with different kind of thinking. Infact within two days of our shooting schedule all our doubts have vanished about his abilities. He was the assistant to Murugadoss. He displayed very high sense of patience when it came to handling these many children.

How do you take the competition in the industry?
Competition is an integral part of any field. When it comes to me I always consider what am I suppose to do instead of concentrating on others.

Are you interested in multi-starrer films?
Yes of course. If the offer does come with a good story, I would certainly do it.

What’s your next project?
It is ‘Rama Rama Krishna Krishna’ under Dil Raju’s production which is being directed by Srivaas. This movie is completely being made on village backdrop.

Updated on April 25, 2020