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Kiyaa Fashion Doll Launch, Hyderabad

Kiyaa, a fashion doll which all Indians henceforth can proudly claim as their own in looks, feel, authenticity to hit the market soon
City's Shel Studio Design n Events LLP, a fashion Studio toiled hard over last couple of years to design and develop "Kiyaa"—the first Ever India's 100% Authentic Fashion Doll, which is all set to be launched soon.

Sailaja VLSI Design Engineer who secured her admission to ISB and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs Certificate Program for_ her doll project is jubilant about the final product. She even left her cozy IT job to give shape to her dream project.

Hyderabad, September 11, 2014 India the land of wonders, fascinating diversity, heritage with 5000 plus years of culture and many unique firsts doesn't have its own doll.

Kiyaa, a fashion doll which we Indians can proudly claim as our own in looks, feel, authenticity to hit the market soon. A dream project of Engineer turned Fashion Designer Hima Sailaja Theerdhala, Kiyaa is the first ever India's 100% original fashion doll that embodies Indian culture.
Result of toil of ten year Kiyaa means cooing of the bird in Sanskrit is Indian in every way says Sailaja, who hit with the idea of the doll while participating in Barbie Design Contest at Dubai Airport on her way back home from work in US in the year 2003.

Over a period of time while working as a VLSI Design Engineer the thought evolved in her mind She has more than a decade global work experience working in India, UK and USA in many MNC companies.

In next few years, her idea of India's Own Doll became even more stronger when she learnt that even small countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Korea have dolls of their own. Later she discovered that many countries like Middle East and Muslim world can proudly claim 'Fulla1; Iran "Sara”; South Korea "Pullip", USA "Barbie", the dolls of their own. Americans_ have Indianised 'Barbie', but, the 120 crore Indians dont have a doll which they can claim as their own remarks Hima Sailaja Theerdhala VLSI Design Engineer turned a Fashion Designer-cum-entrepreneur(boutique owner).

Mother of a 12year old boy , Sailaja finally bid good bye to her cosy IT job and got into Fashion Designing. Got trained. Started a company "Shel Studio Design n Events LLP", in 2012.

She toiled with the idea. Researched on the same. She got involved into the project so much so that she got admission into ISB(lndian School of Business)_"Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs Program based on the doll project.

She tried, tested many designs. Speaking about her journey Sailaja said "I didn't know where to start. Doll making needed huge money, but, I wanted to give it a try. Tried to get manufactured in India, but in vain. Though two vendors looked promising, but were planning to outsource mould from China. So I understood its better directly to deal with manufacturers in China. Zerod in one manufacturer. I had a lot of learning about doll making process and slowly provided one-by-one inputs to manufacturers. First started with the doll sketch. Got it done from a graphics designer. Then decided an artist would better understand my thoughts so approached_an artist . Gave references and my ideas. I wanted true Indian face especially the nose and eyes which must be sharp and beautiful. It took 2 months to arrive at the final sketch. She patiently kept on changing till I was happy".

To make the mould I sent the painting(2D) to manufacturer. But the mould they came up was more like Chinese. Learnt there that the 3D image would help. Didn't know what to do..Fortunately, artist saw my passion and said she would make the mould. So she made mould. Then after lot of changes, the final look that I hd visualized. Then I shipped it with sample dress that is designed exclusively for the doll to the manufacturer in China', Sailaja adds

After many consultations, changes over a period of a year or so the sample doll was ready. But it had yellow eyes then we got them changed to brown eyes. Every change costed me lot of my money. When finally a sample doll was shipped but the dress fittings, jewellery & hairstyle were not still in sync with Indian tradition and cultures. Even the hairstyle was also different. This change took another three months. Finally we have Kiyaa in our hands today the dream doll, I am sure all Indians will be proud to call it as their own doll, she announced with lot of happiness and pride.

Her Goldman Sachs Certificate Program at ISB helped. Mr. Shiv Kumar, student engagement division director from Mohali mentored and guided her every step. Right from ideation to the final product, Sailaja has already blown little over Rs 50 lakhs. The funds she managed from her savings and borrowings.

"It is a matter of great pride for every Indian to idolize their own doll rather than western dolls or bollywood celebs" says Sailaja
'Kiyaa', meaning cooing of the bird in Sanskrit, is the 100% authentic doll with realistic Indian face features and true contemporary Indian teenager character. It is a premium Doll with Indian heart & soul; imparts values, culture & history to kids; brings in learning value informed Sailaja.

Prototype of dolls made in China are ready. First consignment of the dolls are expected soon. Once that happens, these will be formally launched into the market. The toy market in India is currently at Rs 7500 crore which is expected to grow to Rs 13,000 core by 2015. The Toy industry in India is growing at annual rate of 20% says Sailaja.

Kiyaa will be positioned as a premium product. The target market segment will be Upper Middle Class and Upper Class; IT professionals; NRIs who returned home and NRIs. We will reach out to new age parents are Brand conscious who are ready to spend if they see value to their kids development.

Initially the product will be available in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. Next year we will come up with portfolio of products-new dolls, doll accessories, and expand to other metros-Bangalore, Chennai. The year three will be real big. We will go national. We want to be the India's number one doll selling company. Subsequently, we will have a flagship Kiyaa store that sells dolls, garments, fashion accessories, Sailaja informed.

We see great potential for the product. There is no authentic Indian Doll for our kids to fantasize Indian adult life. The most famous doll in India is Barbie which is an American doll. Indian context in character, looks, lifestyle and accessories is missing in it. Typical Indian cant relate to it, its clothing, attitude/behavior says Sailaja.
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