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Dil's Maro Charitra

March 25, 2010
Matinee Entertainment (P) Ltd
Varun Sandesh, Anitha, Yami Gautam, Pratap Pothen, KOta Srinivasarao, Oorvashi, Naresh, Thalaivasal Vijay, Sandhyam Janak, Aadarsh.
Sri Venkateswara Creations Pvt Ltd
K. Balachander
Ravi Yadav
V. Jagan Mohan Reddy
Arjun Varma Alluri
Mickey J Meyer
Dil Raju
Ravi Yadav

One will not forget K Balachander’s ‘Maro Charitra’ and its climax scene. Now, the Vizag steel plant has come up and the location meant for climax is no more the same.  Well, Kamal Hassan, Sarita and Madhavi are now the past.  So Dil Raju has now picked on the same subject and bestowed his faith on choreographer turned director Ravi Yadav to remake the film on the same subject.
Probably after the success of ‘Billa’, the concept of remaking is now catching up with good old stories.  And Dil Raju is known for all youthful, romantic cum family entertainers if at all we sight some examples like ‘Dil’, ‘Arya’, ‘Bommarillu’, ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’, ‘Parugu’, etc.  To create the difference and interest the movie gulps the picturesque scenes of US cities like Utah, Salt Lake City and the climax seems to be after showing the breadth taking views of Niagara Falls.

Having convinced with his acting in ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’, Dil Raju has opted for Varun Sandesh as male lead in this movie also.  To who the Telugu community in USA, he has rightly opted for a fresh face, Anita, who is brought up in the US background as female lead. ‘Arya 2’ fame Shradda Das plays the role something similar to the one played by Madhavi in ‘Maro Charitra’.  

The awards winning music director, Mickey J Meyer, who has shown his abilities in the hits like ‘Happy Days’, ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’ and most recently the ‘Leader’, has scored music for this movie also. Known for melodious songs, Mickey J Meyer has already proved his work with two remakes of the songs from the original one.  The audience’s favorite, these songs are expected to glitter on the screens in the hands of a director who has shown his abilities as a cinematographer.  What a combination?  No doubt, music will play a vital role in this remake also.

Though there are many stories after this ‘Maro Charitra’ on the same lines, let us have a relook at the old one.  It’s all about a Tamil boy falling in love with a Telugu girl who stays next door.  Through their parents were constantly not in good terms, the children’s love progress steadily.  So a day comes when the truth is confronted and everybody agrees for a marriage on a condition that both of them stay away from each other for one year.  Thus, the hero sets out on a different mission and happens to meet the second heroine who madly falls in love with him.  However, the hero rejects her love and returns to his native only to find that his lover’s parents have organizing marriage for her.  They decide to meet at their common location but as the fate would have it some rowdies spoil her as the hero reaches late at the spot.  The movie thus ends on a tragic note. While this is the real story the remake has all necessary ingredients to suit the present generation.
Dil Raju plays a vital role in the entire movie’s cast, crew and a special emphasize on publicity.  March 25th has been scheduled for the release of the movie which can certainly provide the necessary entertainment to the audience as was given by initial version.