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Adivi Sesh’s dynamic role in Pawan Kalyan’s film

For any actor who is starting his career, it’s very difficult to get a major role in a big star film or a big banner film. But of Adivi Sesh, who made his debut as an actor and a director with ‘Karma’, is straight away going to appear alongside Pawan Kalyan in his upcoming film which is being directed by Vishnuvardhan. The actor expressed that he was excited about his role and described it as a dynamic role.

He remarked that Vishnuvardhan saw him in the ‘Karma’ title song in TV and offered him the role in Pawan Kalyan’s film. According to him his role is on Kolkata backdrop, hence he participated in the film shoot in Kolkata and Hyderabad.

On his debut movie ‘Karma’, he had this to say, “Karma has not only earned me credibility but also a different image. Even though the box office results were not as expected, the satellite rights have satisfied me. ‘Karma’ will be telecast on TV for the first time on August 6th. I’m very happy that there would be more viewers on TV than in theaters.”

Adivi Sesh is the cousin to ‘Vinayakudu’ director Sai Kiran Adivi and the grandson of the famous author, poet and painter Adivi Bapiraju.