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Vintha Kapuram audio released


Srikar starring 'Vintha Kapuram' directed by A.N.Jaya Ramayya and produced by Rama Rao, P.K.Pavithra Jaya Ram has released the audio in Hyderabad on March 16th. First CD was released by Sagar and handed over to T.Prasanna Kumar.

Partha Saradhi, Rama Lakshmi, Ranga Rao, Ashok, Murali, Sridhar, Nithya Sathoshini have graced the event.

The story revolves around the couple who faces the problems frequently and makes their married life as 'Vintha Kapuram'.

Krishna Bhagavan said, "I am playing the role of a saint and the film depicts the life of a person after converting into Saint."

Sagar said, “Bharathi Babu who worked hard for the film should get sure success."

T.Prasanna Kumar said, "Our title reaches the audience effectively, and Bharati Babu penned lyrics and script for this film. Murali Leon has given the best audio."

Bharathi Babu said, "This bilingual movie which releases in Telugu and Kannada should receive big hit. It has 5 songs which has an important message to youth."

Sridhar said, "I thank one and all for the wonderful output."

Producer Rama Rao said, "With the support of Ashok we have opted this different storyline base from Mahabharatha."

Dialogues, Lyrics: Bharathi Babu

Editing: Muthyala Nani

Music: Murali Leon