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‘Dandu’ coming to audience on July 15

‘Dandu’ which is being made simultaneously in Telugu and Kannada languages on Yasaswini Entertainment banner, is going to be released on July 15. The film that features Neeraj Shyam, Neha Saxena and dialogue King Sai Kumar in the major roles, is being directed by Sanjeev Megoti. Mangamuri Seshagiri is the presenter. The film also has Disha, Raghu Babu, Dilhi Rajeswari, Tulasi, Sridhar Peddi, Sundar, Gautham Raju, Rakhi Radha and some others in important roles. The film is said to be a high voltage action entertainer which is being made based on some real incidents that happened in Adoni. It has 7 fights. Rain fight, graveyard fight on Sai Kumar between ten thousand graves and a fight at Adoni market and action episodes between thousands of people will stand out as highlight for the film.

The film was made with the concept that if we form a legion, we can smash mountains even. The film became big hit in Kannada and ran successfully for 100 days. It is releasing in Telugu as a straight film on July 15. Along with the senior artists, many new artists are being introduced through this film. Director and producers are very confident that ‘Dandu’ will become big hit in Telugu than in Tamil.

Cinematography: Harish SN; Fights: Thriller Manju, Sathish and Shiva; Dance: Kapil and RK; Lyrics: Potula Ravikiran and Vigina Rafi; Music: Sajeev Megoti; Editing: Sarvani Shivakumar and Archana; Co-producers: Megoti Uma Maheswari, Satyavathi, E Ramu and London Ganesh; Story-Screenplay-Direction: Sanjeev Megoti.