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Suriya '24' A journey in time

Versatile actor Suriya enjoys picking experimental subjects and wide variety of roles. He is coming up with yet another innovative concept of time travel. The science fiction thriller film 24 is geared up for release on May 6th.

There are many pleasing elements in the film which movie buffs are anticipating to know. Where Suriya will travel in the time machine? Who is Atreya? While the good man (Suriya) invents time machine, the evil man (Suriya again) grabs to capitalize on it.

It may be mentioned here, Balakrishna’s super hit film Aditya 369 directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao was also made of same concept. However, Suriya’s 24 directed by Vikram Kumar stood completely in contrast with it.

Furthermore, the makers of 24 have kept many secrets for us to thrill on the big screens. How Suriya uses the time machine or they didn’t reveal anything about time machine in teasers or trailers. And the watch which we saw in promotions is also thrilling. Apart from this, we are sure to have 140+ minutes of thrilling time ride.

Suriya appears in five different avatars in 24. The role of Atreya (the evil man) is going to be one of the major highlights. Exhibiting his fondness over the project, Suriya is releasing the movie on own in several areas in association with Gnanavel Raja, apart from producing the flick on grand scale.

24 also has two gorgeous divas Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Nithya Menon playing Suriya’s love interests. Telugu actor Ajay will be seen in a crucial role. If Suriya fans and cinema lovers get hold of this time machine, they will surely travel to May 6th now as they are unable to control the anxiety. As this is impossible in real time, book your tickets today to board in the time machine on May 6th.