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‘Nagabharanam’ Getting Ready To Release.


The theatrical trailer of Kodi Ramakrishna’s ‘Nagabharanam’ has got tremendous response and garnered 25 lakh views within 48 hours of the release. Meanwhile, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh distribution rights of this graphical extravaganza were bagged by Surakshit Media chief Malkapuram Sivakumar by offering fancy price. He is making preparations to release the film in Telugu in a grand manner.

Kodi Ramakrisna, who has directed more than 100 films including visual wonders like ‘Ammoru’ and ‘Arundhati’, is now directing a graphical extravaganza ‘Nagabharanam’. Kannada Superstar Vishnuvardhan has been shown with the help of VFX. The film that features Diganth and Ramya as the lead pair, is jointly produced by Jayantilal Gada, Sajid Qureshi and Sohail Ansari. The film is being made as visual wonder with wonderful graphics with a huge budget of 40 Crores on the banners Pen Movies, In Box Pictures and Blockbuster Studio.

On this occasion, producer Malkapuram Sivakumar said, “I am extremely confident that ‘Nagabharanam’ will become sensational hit in Telugu. Makuta Visual Effects, which created wonderful visual effects for ‘Baahubali’, is creating wonderful visual effects for this too. We are very happy that ‘Nagabharanam’ is being brought to the Telugu audience in a grand level on our banner.”

Director Kodi Ramakrishna said, “The story of the film is about a girl who tries to get back her emotions which she had lost in her past life. What is the relation between the girl and Nagabharanam-makes the story of the film. We are extremely confident that visual wonder ‘Nagabharanam’ will create many wonders. Kannada Superstar Vishnuvardhan has been shown in the climax sequences with the help of VFX. Special effects will stand out as highlight for the film. Recently released theatrical trailer has got tremendous response. The film came out wonderfully beyond our expectations. I confidently say that Telugu audience are going to watch yet another visual wonder.”

The film features Diganth and Ramya as the lead pair.
Mukul Dev, Ravi kale, Amith, Rajesh Vivek, Sadu Kokila and Rangayana Raghu and some others are part of the cast.

VFX: Makuta Visual Effects; Stunts: Ravi Varma and Thriller Manju; Art: Nagaraj; Choreographer: Chinni Prakash, Sivashankar and Imran Sardaria; Lyrics: Kaviraj; Dialogues: MS Ramesh; Editor: Jani Harsha; Cinematography: Venu; Music: Gurukiran; Executive Producer: Salahuddin Yusuf; Project Creative Head: Sajid Qureshi; Director: Kodi Ramakrishna.