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Lets Take A Look At The First Look From ‘Lovers Club’


Praveen Galipalli as presenter, Bharat Avvari as producer, Anish Chandra, Pavani, Aryan and Poorni as the lead cast, an emotional love story ‘Lovers Club’ is being made under Dhruv Shekhar’s direction. Plan B Entertainments and Sreya Art Creations banners are jointly producing the film. The pre-look of the film has already been talk of the youth and on January 9, the unit has launched the first look. First look teaser will be released after Sankranti. The film unit is confident that ‘Lovers Club’ will impress the youth as a perfect youthful and emotional love story.

On this occasion, producer Bharat Avvari said, “In 2016, small films also acquired huge success on par with big budget films. Audience have proved that the content is the crux and given way for the survival of small films. With the same confidence, we have started ‘Lovers Club’. I am sure our content will impress everyone as perfect emotional love story. Despite working with new artists, our director Dhruv Shekhar has extracted good performance from them. Audience will get to know about that after seeing the first look trailer which is going to be released after Sankranti. The pre look has already creation sensation in social media. Now the first look has been released. We are planning to release the audio in February and the film also in the same month. Presently, the film has completed the shooting part and post-production works are in progress.”

Briefing about the film’s details, Dhruv Shekhar said, “A guy unites love birds against all odds and in the process, the guy faces some problems. The story was readied with the inspiration from the real incidents. We have shot the film by using a new and never before used technology. We are confident that the technique will impress youth and industry people as well. The story of the film goes on in a comedy and emotional way. The film came out as expected. ‘Lovers Club’ has all commercial elements. All our team members have kept their heart and soul for the good outcome of the film. As we got youthful team, everyone has worked with great energy. You find the same energy on the screen. I hope the film’s first look will impress everyone. The film is coming to audience in February.”

Cast and crew:

Anish Chandra, Pavani, Aryan, Poorni, Dheeraj, Chitram Basha, Vizag Prasad and Ajay Ratnam.

Music: Ravi Nidamarthi; Art: Nagendra; Editing: Kiran Kumar; Background Score: Kamal D; DOP: DVSS Prakash Rao; Dialogues: Dhruv Shekhar and Pradeep Acharya; Lyrics: Rambabu Gosala and Dhruv Shekar; Executive Producers: Madan Ganjikunta and Avvari Dhanu; Associate Producers: Naveen Pushpala and Srichandana Galipalli; Producer: Bharat Avvari; Writer-Director: Dhruv Shekar.