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'Mugguru Monagallu': Grand pre-release event held


 'Mugguru Monagallu' will be released in theatres on August 6. Ahead of its theatrical release, the makers held a pre-release event in Hyderabad.

Speaking through a video message, K Raghavendra Rao said that the film's producer Achut Rama Rao P is known as an actor. "'Mugguru Monagallu' is actually the title of one of my movies with Chiranjeevi. The story of the new 'Mugguru Monagallu' is totally different. I have seen the teaser and trailer. The film is also very good."

Telangana Cinematography Minister T Srinivas Yadav said, "The film is about a blind man, a deaf person and a dumb fellow. The screenplay must be quite interesting. I wish the team all the best."

MLA B Govardhan Reddy, through a video message, said, "Besides entertainment, this film ostensibly has got a message as well."

Star director VV Vinayak said, "Director Abhilash Reddy of this movie has worked under me previously. I hope he secures a box office hit. I thank the producers for giving him a platform to show his talent."

Bigg Boss fame Sohel Ryan said, "I know the producer Rama Rao garu well. I call him 'annayya'. When I was a nobody, he helped me a lot. I sincerely hope that he secures a hit."

Ariana said, "When I was an anchor, it was Srinivas Reddy garu whom I interviewed first. I was very tensed that day. After the interview, he told the director of the show that I will go places in three years."

Writer BVS Ravi said, "The very title 'Mugguru Monagallu' is quite attractive. The trailer looks very interesting. I hope everyone attains success with this movie."

Music director Suresh Bobbili said, "We have known producer Rama Rao garu as an actor. He was wanting to produce a movie for long. I wish him all the best."

The film has cinematography by 'Garudavega' Anji'. He said that 'Mugguru Monagallu' was shot in a single schedule, thanks to the bound script they had.

The producer of the movie said that he decided to bankroll the movie once he read the script and was thoroughly impressed. "I am happy to have got the opportunity to produce a film like this. Srinivas Reddy garu and others supported us throughout," he added.

Srinivas Reddy said, "It was quite challenging to play the character of a differently-abled man in the movie. I thank the writing department and the director for it. Deekshith Reddy, who has impressed the Kannada audience with 'Diya' before, is a co-star. It was an enjoyable ride to do the movie.

Deekshith Reddy said, "I am a big fan of Chiranjeevi garu. I never imagined that I would act in Telugu. I have acted in two Telugu movies thus far. It has been possible only because of the love of the audience."