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My performance in 'Climax' will shock the audience: Rajendra Prasad


'Nata Kireeti' Rajendra Prasad will be seen in a thriller titled 'Climax'. Ahead of its release, the makers and actors have spoken about the movie.

Producer Rammohan Rao said, "I have watched 'Dream', directed by Bhavani Shankar. It's so good. Coming to 'Climax', its trailer is unique. I think Rajendra Prasad garu's character is amazing in it. I wish the team all the best."

Producers' Council's Prasanna Kumar said, "We have got so much to learn from Rajendra Prasad garu. He is a big inspiration. Coming to 'Climax', it is so very distinct. The director is known for the critically-acclaimed 'Dream'. It was the first Telugu film to win a prestigious award in Canada."

Rajendra Prasad said, "I have played a never-seen-before character in 'Climax'. The audience will be shocked. More than the range of release, how unique a movie is far more important. I thank Bhavani Shankar for casting me in this beautiful movie. He's immensely talented."

Director Bhavani Shankar said, "My 2011 film 'Dream' won a number of international awards. 'Climax' is going to be a special film in the career of Rajendra Prasad garu. He has played a number of roles in his career spanning decades. 'Climax' is a mystery thriller with a number of unique elements. There is nothing called hero or heroine in the story. Our film is content-oriented and is releasing at a time when a number of big outings are there.