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'Maradalu Pilla Flat Ki Vasthe Part 3': Final episode is stirring and touching!


The leading Telugu-language YouTube channel What The Fun has been offering new comedy videos, short films, and web series from time to time. This week, the channel is bringing the final episode of the enjoyable 'Maradalu Pilla Flat Ki Vasthe'. The first part has been successfully streaming on YouTube with more than six lakh views. 'Maradalu Pilla Flat Ki Vasthe Part 2' started streaming last Monday and it has been going strong.

In the previous episode, we saw the 'maradalu' Chinni showing shock upon discovering that her 'bava' has been on the lookout for a job. Satya's childhood dream has been to become a photographer. Why then is he searching for a regular job? Chinni tries her best to make her 'bava' go beyond the madness of settling for a regular job. What kind of attempts does she make in doing so? What all work and what all fail in the process? Does Chinni manage to enlighten her 'bava' in the end? Or, did her attempts result in a duel between the two? That's the crux of the grand finale.

The first two parts were filled with jolly and feel-good moments. The finale has got heart-touching scenes that can move you to tears. The emotional lines are going to give the viewer a high.

Watch it and enjoy! If you like the video, please share it with your friends, and don't forget to comment/subscribe #WhatTheFun