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Satish Vegesna interview about Entha Manchivaadavuraa


'Entha Manchivaadavuraa', starring Kalyan Ram and Mehreen, releases on 15th January. Director Satish Vegesna talks about the film and more in this interview.

Concept & Title

The hero in our film alleviates the pain in others if they are suffering. We titled the film based on his character. If you want to show your love and affection towards others, they don't necessarily need to be your relatives. If you show affection towards people suffering with problems and feel happy, they become our relatives. There are many elders around us, who are staying away from their children. They feel happy if someone talks to them with love. That's what we are going to say through this movie. It is common to have fear while making any movie. But the constant good feedback from technicians and actors gave me confidence.

Kalyan Ram

If you write stories keeping a hero in mind, you are bound to compromise as you consider their image. But if you write a script, think about who will apt for that subject and approach them, you can make minor changes if required. When I completed this script, I wanted a matured person to do it. The only actor who came to my mind was Kalyan Ram garu. He is seen as a serious person on screen. But he is very cool and smiling person off screen. Moreover, he has done many action films so far. Audiences feel freshness if we do a cool movie with him. When we approached him, he liked it.

Action Scenes

My previous two movies have no scope for action. But this movie requires some action. I haven't changed my style for Kalyan Ram. The story demands action scenes and we shot them wherever required. I haven't done them to prove that I can also do action movies.

Why remake?

I had no plans to do a remake as I have many stories with me. But a friend suggested producer Umesh Gupta garu to watch the Gujarati movie 'Oxygen'. He said that to Krishna Prasad garu. They asked me to watch the movie. I said I liked the core point but a lot of changes should be made. I changed the story so as to suit the Telugu nativity.

Good Actress

Mehreen has acted very well in 'F2'. Actors who do comedy well can also emote well. So, we have roped in her for this movie.

Next project

I will think about my next projects after the release of 'Entha Manchivaadavuraa'.

Updated on January 14, 2020