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Interview of Zeeshan Osmani and Director Vadathya Harish about Telangana Devudu


'Telangana Devudu', the KCR biopic, will be released in theatres on November 12. In this interview, actor Zeeshan Osmani and filmmaker Vadathya Harish talk about the movie, the casting, what we can expect from the biopic and more. Sangeetha, Brahmanandam, Sunil, Suman, Brahmaji, Venkat, Prudhvi, Raghu Babu, Sayaji Shinde, Vijay Rangaraju, Banerjee, Chitti Babu, Madhumitha, Sathya Krishna, Sana, Rajitha, ETV Prabhakar, Sameer and others are part of the cast.

Zeeshan Osmani:

When the director told me he wanted to cast me in the film, I listened to the story and realized that it's a very good script about our Chief Minister (K Chandrasekhar Rao). The amount of hard work that he has done for our State is phenomenal.

This is my debut movie. The work done by KCR garu inspired me to be a part of this story. I have played the younger version of the TRS leader. After listening to the story, I learned a great deal about Telangana.

It was a proud thing to do the biopic. Not many know what KCR garu was like as a child and before he entered politics.

I don't think I have taken any risk by doing a film like this. It's true that actors of my age do romantic comedies mostly. I will be travelling to the US to complete an acting course.

Director Vadathya Harish:

Films like 'Jai Bolo Telangana' have been there, but 'Telangana Devudu' is the first movie that tells the story of KCR garu from the beginning. The story of the Telangana movement has been detailed out.

This is a biopic but at the same time, it is a commercial outing. There are songs that are in keeping with the spirit of the movie. KCR garu loves music and he used to watch movies as a youngster. I didn't want the film to feel like a documentary. I infused adequate commercial ingredients.

The film ends with KCR garu becoming the Chief Minister. A few dialogues give a glimpse of how his first term was like.

Srikanth garu was my first choice for the role. Moreover, his physical personality matches that of the CM. Zeeshan babu came to my mind when I was searching for a young actor who can play the younger version. There is no point in the titular character imitating KCR garu for the sake of it. He has to look dignified and Srikanth garu looks the part. There is mild imitation but it's not heavy at all.

The film begins with the first electoral victory of TRS. The movement for Telangana is narrated as a flashback. This is when Zeeshan babu enters the screen. I have heard that some TRS leaders have watched our movie. KCR garu has been busy and is yet to watch.

The characters of Chandrababu Naidu garu, Rosaiah garu, Kiran Kumar Reddy garu and YSR garu are there in the movie. In Telangana, the film will be released in 200 theatres. There will be a theatrical release in Andhra Pradesh as well. 'Telangana Devudu' doesn't hurt anybody's sensibilities. It's a conciliatory biopic.

The CBFC board has commended me for telling the story without hurting anybody's sensibilities.

TRS has been renamed as Bangaru Telangana Party in the movie. Since creating Bangaru Telangana is KCR's agenda, I have gone for the name. The names of real-life personalities have been suitably changed to avoid issues.

You will see KT Rama Rao garu's character as well. Venkat has played the role. KTR becomes KT Raja Rao in the film. Brahmanandam garu will be seen as KCR garu's childhood teacher. Dozens of familiar faces have played different roles.

I hope 90% of the audience are going to love our movie. There will always be people who will dislike something.

Two offers have come my way but I am yet to give commitment. They will be commercial movies.

Updated on November 11, 2021