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'Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali' is a family film driven by emotions: Sudheer Babu


Sudheer Babu's upcoming collaboration with Mohanakrishna Indraganti is titled 'Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali'. The rom-com is heading to theatres on September 16 (this Friday). Catch the 'Sammohanam' actor talk about his role in the movie, working with Indraganti and Krithi Shetty, his upcoming movies, and more.

I play a commercial film director who has got his typical sensibilities. He is a bit crazy as well. At the same time, his films have a strong purpose. He is stubborn and is successful for a reason. Krithi Shetty's character hails from a traditional family. She is a doctor. The filmmaker convinces her to be his next film's heroine because she looks like a princess. But her parents don't want her to become an actress. That's the premise.

'Manam cinema theestunnam anukuntam. Cinema ne manalni theestundi'. This is a deep line from the film's trailer. My repeated collaboration with Indraganti garu has been happening organically in the sense the stories wanted me. I and the director trust each other. We never planned that this is how it should pan out. Usually, filmmakers write a story for a big star after delivering a box office hit. Indraganti garu is different. He writes a story and looks for a suitable actor after delivering a hit. I am fortunate that I have gotten to team up with him on repeat.

The backdrop may resemble 'Sammohanam', but the story is entirely different. 'Aa Ammayi..' has got a different conflict point. It involves the heroine's family. Krithi Shetty is a mature performer. She is disciplined. After this movie, she will be seen as a bankable actress who can essay any role. Srikanth Iyengar garu, who plays the heroine's father, is an artist with superb timing.

The conversations in the film are not filmy. They are realistic. The drive is completely emotional in nature. In fact, this is the most emotions-driven film from Indraganti garu. At the same time, the film is not melodramatic.

Composer Vivek Sagar understands Indraganti garu's mind very well. He is apt for a film that doesn't follow the usual template. Since I am a commercial filmmaker in 'Aa Ammayi..', he got to compose an 'item' song as well.

I actually have the intent of becoming a filmmaker. But I don't know when it is going to happen and whether I can pursue it now. I have written scenes for my films early in my career but it was a job filled with pressure to handle both acting and writing. I have got no stories ready. Developing a full-fledged story is a different ball game. A small idea can be inspiring, but writing a story is different. Directing plus acting is a very tough job.

'Brahmastra' from Bollywood came my way. It was a very good role. But since I was doing 'Sammohanam' at that time, I couldn't do 'Brahmastra'. Another reason is that the Pullela Gopichand biopic was in the works at that time.

'Hunt' and 'Mama Mascheendra' (shoot of 25 days is pending) are among my upcoming movies. The former is going to set a benchmark for action; stunt directors who worked on a Marvel movie are working on it. It's the most action movie of my career. I am also doing a film with UV Creations.

Updated on September 15, 2022