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'Harom Hara' is one of the Top 5 action dramas in Telugu: Sudheer Babu


'Harom Hara' recreates the 1980s world of its setting. Sudheer Babu plays a lab assistant in the June 14th release. In this interview, the actor says that everything about the story and his character is remarkably organic. Starring Sunil, Akshara Gowda and Malvika Sharma in key roles, the film is touted to be a cent percent big-screen experience.

Director Gnanasagar Dwaraka has previously done 'Sehari', which belongs to another type of cinema. Its story was not written by him. Yet, he could pull it off with conviction. In the case of 'Harom Hara', the world-building came to him organically. The film is set in the place (Kuppam) where he hails from. The dialect spoken by the characters is authentic. In our films, a lot of creative liberties are taken in the name of commercialization. 'Harom Hara' doesn't do that. That's what Mahesh Babu, too, felt when he watched the Trailer.

I want even commercial movies to have heroism emerging from the story. The backdrop of 'Harom Hara' is fresh. I believe this sort of a backdrop hasn't been seen in Telugu cinema before. Subramaniam, my character in the movie, is a gun-maker. He is the homegrown James Bond who is like the neighbourhood guy. He is the Kuppam James Bond. He has some favourite one-liners that you will see recur in the course of the story.

Weapon-making has been shown in its authenticity in the film. We had to remove some portions to avoid censor issues. 'Harom Hara' doesn't delve into gun culture and such serious issues. It's more of a commercial film.

This film will go down as one of the Top 10 action dramas in Telugu. I wouldn't be surprised if it is considered even one of the Top 5 actioners.

As a student, I used to be a hosteller. I was lucky enough to get to interact with individuals from various parts of the country. I am familiar with languages. I picked up the Chittoor slang relatively fast.

'Harom Hara' is a justified title. There is an undercurrent of divinity in the film. The residents of the village see Subrahmanyam Swamy as their saviour. They see the male lead as a Godsend.

The output of the film is solid. I am confident that the audience are going to find it impeccable. 'Harom Hara' has the potential to have a sequel. We haven't spelt out anything in the climax about the probability of a second part.

Sunil plays a suspended cop. Palani is his name. His is not a negative character and is a full-fledged role in the movie. Chaitan Bharadwaj's background score is as crucial to the film as the BGM was to 'Vikram'.

I expect my producers to be involved intensely. He should know the story. If he knows the script intimately, he will know what is going on. Besides financial strength, he should be open-minded. That's when it would be fun to collaborate with him. I have worked with various producers. Some producers don't take publicity seriously. They believe 'word of mouth' is enough to help a film pick up pace. The producers of this movie understand everything well. Their budget is in tune with the story.

Updated on June 13, 2024