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RGV announces POWER STAR movie

Director Ram Gopal Varma, who has been releasing movies back to back on RGV World Theater, has announced that his next is titled 'POWER STAR'. The announcement has caused a stir for obvious reasons but don't be surprised if it is made just to attract attention for his just released 'NAKED' movie.

"BREAKING NEWS: My next film on RGVWORLDTHEATRE is titled POWER STAR will be starring P K, M S , N B , T S, a Russian woman , four children , 8 buffaloes and R G V ..No prizes will be given for understanding who the characters are #RGV’sPOWERSTAR" (sic), RGV wrote on his twitter handle.

Ram Gopal Varma has released films like 'Climax' and 'Naked Nanga Nagnam' on RGV World Theater. He has been claiming that 'Naked' has been getting record breaking views. His 'CoronaVirus' is yet to be released.