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Usuru trailer launched

RVG Movies is making the film titled ‘Usuru’ which is being directed by Venu R. The joint producers of this film are Rudhabhatla Venugopal, Epuri Satyanarayana, Ravi Kumar Neerla and Jaya Kumar. The trailers were released today in Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. This event was attended by Lakshmipathy, Yepuri Satyanarayana, Subhash Rayal, Abhinaya, Durgesh, etc.

Director Venu R said, “’Usuru’ means soul. It’s a complete horror film. That word can be used for the good and bad purposes. One has to watch the film to know whose soul was in danger. The person who could not go against the law turned into soul and took revenge on their enemies is the film all about.”