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Eka Veera – Press Meet

‘Eka Veera’ starring Aadi Pinisetty in title role and Dansika, Archana Kavi, Pasupathy and Kabir Bedi in other important roles, is all set to hit theaters on March 2nd. National Award winning director Vasanth Balan directed this Tamil spectacle as ‘Aravan’ which was dubbed in Telugu as ‘Eka Veera’ by Srinivas Damera and T Siva on Amma Creations banner. As part of film promotion producer Srinivas and the presenter Baabi spoke to the media and shared their views on this period film. Here are few excerpts:

“Vasanth Balan created this celluloid wonder called ‘Eka Veera’ set in the 18th century. This is the real history that occurred in South India in 18th century. Vasanth Balan took the basic plot from a novel written by Su.Venkatesan’s and developed into a spectacular screenplay accordingly. This is a true Indian film and we are proud to present this film to the Telugu audience.”

“The audience is sure to experience e a new feel through ‘Eka Veera’. Within 5 minutes after the film starts they would travel back to 18th century era and would return back to the present world only after they are out of theaters. Greats like Balachander, Shankar, AR Rahman, KS Ravi Kumar, Maniratnam, etc., saw the rushes and complimented the film saying that it’s the role model for Indian Cinema.”

“The film was shot in historical places like Bobbili, Talakona and Hampi by erecting huge sets. AR Rahman’s student singer Karthik is turning music director through this film. His music is thethe main strength to this film. All seven songs in the film were written by Ananth Sriram values high quality and not to speak of re-recording work. Another main reason for the film to stand as a celluloid wonder is Siddharth’s cinematography. He shot the film in digital in Red-One camera. The story is equally blend with action and sentiment. On one hand it has breath-taking action sequences and on the other hand there are also heart-touching scenes. Except Vijaychander who played the King, all other artists have really worked very hard in hot sun with bare minimum clothes and no foot-wear.”

Speaking about Aadi the producers said, “Aadi portrayed two different shades in the main character that he played. He gave a spectacular performance. He had already captured the audience’s hearts through his previous films ‘Mrugham’ and ‘Vaishali’. He is really lucky to get one such spectacle film at the early stage of his film career. It’s amazing to note the way he moulded himself for the character that he portrayed in the film. Six months ahead of the shooting he worked for a natural eight pack look and then returned back to his normal look as per the character he had to play. This shows his dedication and commitment towards his work.

They concluded saying, “Aadi and Vasanth Balan must be credited for this film. Pasupathy and Vijaychander did amazing jobs in their roles and not to forget the roles played by Dansika, Archana Kavi and Anjali.”