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Udaya Bhanu’s Madhumati completes 50% shooting

‘Madhumati’ is a female oriented film starring Siva Kumar and Uday Bhanu as lead pair. Raj Sridhar is directing the film and Rani Sridhar is producing it on Gomatha Art Pictures banner with Kadiyam Ramesh as presenter. 50% of the shooting has been completed and so far the film was shot in beautiful locations around Godavari banks.

Director Raj Sridhar said, “I wrote the script of ‘Madhumati’ 8 years ago keeping Udaya Bhanu in mind. The story is about a carefree Telugu girl and a Tamil boy. How the Tamil boy captures the Telugu girl’s heart and molds her according to his needs is the film all about. The film was made on comedy backdrop and we are confident that Udaya Bhanu will win the Best Actress award for her performance in ‘Madhumati’.”

Presenter Kadiyam Ramesh said, “The entire film of ‘Madhumati’ was shot in Godavari backdrop. We began shooting in 1st week of March and completed 50% of the shooting by May 18th. Udaya Bhanu gave life to the character Madhumati exactly the way we expected. This character will take Udaya Bhanu to the level of Savitri and Jayasudha and earn a very good name to our film ‘Madhumati’.”

Cinematography: Satya V Prabhakar; music: Raj Kiran; production: Rani Sridhar; story, screenplay, dialogues and direction: Raj Sridhar.