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From Hollywood to Tollywood

Hollywood/New York based artist Christine Miller has arrived in Tollywood and she is excited that her debut movie Rendu Rellu Naluge (RR4) which is releasing on December 5th world-wide. Producer/Director Dharma of the movie was excited that Christine's arrival in Hyderabad and it was a surprise as she had to set aside a few other assignments in New York to join the promotional activities.

Christine is playing the role of Natasha, a substance abuser going through a moral dilemma. She says that her character had a profound influence in her real life and it was very difficult to get out of Natasha's character.After seeing the first cut of the movie Christine says that she was excited to see that the movie had several layers from comedy to sentiment to pathos. Although she does not understand Telugu she fell in love to the lilting tunes and haunting music of the movie. Christine loves the song "Manmadhude Raasalela.." picturized on her exploiting picturesque locations in dense West Virgina forests by cinematographer Srikanth Bujamella and Singer Usha once again showed her singing prowess.

Srikanth Devarajan provided music while the legendary SPB, Usha, Hema Chandra and Revanth rendered the vocals and Mohan gave the lyrics. The movie has four lead characters played by Harsha, Mohan and Sirisha along with Christine. RR4 is slated to release in 11 locations in the US and select theaters in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Bangalore.