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Hero Ram meets his suffering Fan


Hero Ram is well known as an energetic and lovable hero. His energy is endless. Now, the actor proved how kind he is. Visakha people have seen his humanity on Friday i.e. on August 12 when he reacted on seeing his little fan. Tears rolled down his cheeks after seeing the 5-year-old kid who is suffering from paralysis.


Kunadana Poornima Chandrika is the second daughter of Ravikumar, the youth president for Third sector residential welfare association in MP Colony in Vizag. The girl, who is in an immovable condition due to paralysis from her waist, is a big fan of Ram. She is the die-hard fan of the actor’s dances and acting. When Ram is shooting ‘Shivam’ in Vizag, the little girl urged her parents to take her to see him perform live. Her parents took her to the shooting spot and Ram too lifted up in his arms and kissed the girl. The girl, who enjoyed playing with Ram, has an irresistible desire to meet the actor once again.  Chandrika’s parents, who started looking for the ways to meet the actor, learned that Ram is shooting in the city for 'Hyper‘. As the parents find no ways to meet the actor, they appealed Ram about their daughter’s quest through a newspaper. Ram, who read the news, has immediately rushed to the little girl’s house. Ram spent some time with Chandrika and also inquired about her health condition and checked the reports as well. The girl was so thrilled after seeing Ram at her house. The little girl, sitting on Ram’s lap explained how much he loves him. She entertained Ram by saying her favourite scenes and singing songs from Ram’s films. By seeing the little girl, tears rolled down Ram’s cheeks and the remaining people who were present at their house.


When Ram asked the girl about her wish, she immediately replied that she wants to see him perform live for ‘Hyper’ shooting. Ram got emotional and his eyes turned wet and immediately invited Chandrika’s family to ‘Hyper’ shooting sets. The actor invited them even for the lunch on Saturday. Kunadana Poornima Chandrika’s parents thanked Ram for fulfilling their daughter’s wish.